You are not alone: Why do some Private Schools in Nigeria pay their Teachers as low as 5000 Naira

decline state of education in Nigeria

Teaching is one of the old professions known to mankind. Despite the tremendous changes that have appeared over the years as a way to simplifying and making teaching very easy, the underlining aim of teaching has remained the same.


All over the world, teachers are celebrated for the knowledge they impact on other people. Most teachers have passion for teaching and innate ability to share their knowledge and understand of different life phenomenon with their students.


The importance of quality teachers cannot be neglected in any society, Seasoned and highly experience teachers have the tendency in bring out many untapped potentials in students. Since students of today will definitely become the leaders of tomorrow, many developed world are investing so heavily in their education system in order to produce quality graduate that will lead and manage their economy in near future.


In Nigeria, teaching profession especially in secondary, primary and nursery education appears to be the last restore to unemployed Nigeria graduates due to how poorly paid most teaching jobs are. The pride and dignity that has characterized teaching profession in Nigeria has fizzle in a thin air. Even in public school, many teachers do not devote their time on their job but rather they do all kinds of business during school hours living their students on their own mercy.


Why do these happen?

There are many factors that have contributed to this ugly situation but I will lay more emphasis to under payment.  Over some times now we have been able to work with different teachers here most especially those working in private schools. The striking and mind blowing realities about working as a teacher in some private school is that you can be place on a salary around 5,000 – 10,000 Naira.


If you are not a teachers in Nigeria or even if you are but you did not fall into this teacher’s pay scale (5000 naira per month) still makes it real. Now I am being to wonder why some private schools do that to their teachers and in return they will want or appreciate the teacher to give in hundred percent of his or her work and knowledge.

I know you may be one of those that are still in doubt; you have every reason to feel that way because it happened to me when I first heard that a teacher is paid 5000 naira after a full-time teaching job per month.


If you are a teacher or you have taught before with less than 5000 naira salary, please fill free to share your story with us.


Remember you are not alone on this salary scale but I hope that Nigeria government will enforce a strong labor and salary scale laws both in private and public sectors.