What it takes to start a career in creative field

What it takes to start a career in creative field

What it takes to start a career in creative field

The creative industry is diverse, and as wide and deep as an ocean. It includes numerous fields that carry out economic activities which are concerned with the generation or utilisation of innovation, knowledge, information as well as talent.


Creative industries aim at the industrial production and circulation of cultural texts, sounds, activities and images. Nearly all creative fields purely depend on the talents and creativity to develop.


Imagine if we lived in a world where even a small percentage of people started doing what they were born to do, WOW! What a wonderful and creative world it would be!


For most creative people out there, real satisfaction in life comes from developing and creating something new.


Be it designing a video game, making a beautiful video, or painting a picture, it is appropriate and east to say that these individuals are happiest when they are creating.


The moment they find a job or a career option that lets them be creative and innovative, they are able to make money doing something they really enjoy, and that makes all of the difference in their lives.
So you long to make a career in creative field but fear that making a living in such a field is rarely easy? Yes, it is a little difficult, but surely not impossible if you are passionate and innovative enough.


Don’t know where to start from? Well, you are certainly reading the right article!
Here are some of the creative fields and the career options they make available:


Art: Though many of us are exposed to art only as hobby painters, art teachers and paintings in galleries, but believe me, there are numerous other art options out there.


Being a fine artist or a painter of canvasses which get framed and sold are definitely not the only career options for artists.


Graphic or commercial artist, animation, film, crafts, TV, tattooing, stage set building, art therapy, media, etc. all are the works of art and the career options open for different artists.
Architecture: The raw material of architecture is ideas. Constructing or designing a building is not just a science, its first and foremost requirement is creativity and ingenuity.


This is one of the fastest growing creative fields and hence can prove to be the perfect course to one of the best fields to make a career in.


Fashion and Textiles: The fashion and textiles industry offers a rich and unique platform to reflect and showcase key social and cultural issues.


This field is creative, innovative, conceptual and pragmatic and has evolved as a great career option in recent years.


The career options include Analytical Textile Technologist, Beamer, Blender, Chief Innovation Officer, Clothing Manufacturing Engineer, Costume Assistant, Costume Designer, Costume Maker, Costume Supervisor, Dress Maker, Fashion Designer, Footwear Designer, Garment Technologist, Marketing Manager/Executive, Product Tester, Quality Control Inspector, etc.


Advertising and Marketing Communications: Two of the fastest growing creative fields, Advertising and Marketing Communications are great career options that can make you earn quite a lot.


They involve a great deal of creativity and there sure are a range of different routes in to make a career in these fields.


Some of the career options include Advertising Account Executive, Advertising Media Buyer, Advertising Copywriter, Advertising Account Planner, Advertising Art Director, and Advertising Media Planner.


Games: To choose Games as a career option, the apprenticeship to choose is Creative and Digital Media.


The career options in this field include Animator (Games), Assistant Producer (Games), Audio Engineer, Creative Director (Games), Game Designer, Game Producer, Game Artist, Level Editor and what not.
Photo Imaging: This field includes a very high degree of creativity and innovation. This is one of the most interesting creative fields and the career options include Advertising and Editorial Photographer, Assistant Photographer, Corporate Photographer, Fashion Photographer, Digital Imaging Specialist, Forensic Photographer, General Practice Photographer, Image Sales Executive, Laboratory Manager, Photo Retail Manager, Picture Researcher, Picture Library Assistant, etc.


Film, Radio, TV: A very vast creative field that offers numerous job opportunities. The career options that this field makes available include Acting, Public Relations Officer, Radio Broadcast Assistant, Marketing Manager, Marketing Executive, Commercials Producer, Anchor, Singer, Radio and Film Producer, etc.


Many scholars and academicians consider that even the education industry is forming a part of the creative industry. It is impossible to name each and every creative field.
There are numerous courses that one could pursue to make a career in a creative field. BA (Hons) 2D Animation and Character for Digital Media, 3D Digital Animation, 3D Games Art & Design, Advertising, Film and Music Video Production, Broadcast Media Production,  Commercial Photography, Computer and Video Games,  Costume with Performance Design, Contemporary Media Practice, Editing and Post Production,  Fashion Design, Fashion Communication, Garment Technology, Film Production are to name a few.


More and more career options are becoming available in the creative industry.


These creative jobs are generally based upon skill sets developed through formal education or at the workplace.


There are many different jobs where a creative person can take his skills and make himself valuable to a company, or better yet, start a company of his own.


With so many opportunities constantly popping up in the creative space, it is a great time for a person to start honing his skills ahead of attempting to start a hunt for a suitable career option in a creative field.


The requisite set of skills to make a career in a creative field must include a lot of determination, creativity, innovation, hard selling, hard work, persistence, technical professional skill, time management and originality.


About the author – Pragya Sehgal – Pursuing her Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication, Pragya loves to read and write. This young lady likes to surround herself with creative people. In order to acquire functional exposure, Pragya is interning as a content writer with Shiksha.com presently

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