We are witnessing a new trend in software development due to the new opportunities this area has offers the world at large.


Many people are moving into computer programming – be it web development, desktop or mobile application – but one of the major challenges face by newbies is finding the best resources that will help them get started immediately.


Though learning how to programming takes time, finding good resources couple with passion and determination will bring a gradual improvement as you continue to learn how to program every day.


Despite available websites that functions as a community for computer software developers, there are many other tools that are important in learning how to program but I will only concentrate on important websites that services as a central hub for knowledge in programming.


One unique feature about software developer’s community is the sheer amount of willingness they display in helping other developers solve problem they encounter during programming.


Remember, learning how to program can take a little time depending on the amount of time you practice and your passion but becoming an expert in programming take almost a life time.


  • teamtreehouse


There are many other useful websites that basically focus on each technology. In a sense, if you wish to learn Php, you should consider checking out Php oriented community websites like You can find other websites for programming languages like Ruby, ASP.NET, Python and many more.


Do you know of other websites one can use to learn how to program, kindly use our comment box to suggest the websites.


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