ICAN Results for May 2012 Examination

ICAN Results

It is a tense moment for all candidate who sat for ICAN exam in May, 2012 because there is every indication that the ICAN results will be out on the 28th June, 2012.

The ICAN results will be advertise in the local  newspapers and it will be available on the official website of ICAN .

You can check ICAN Results by going on the above mention website. Make sure you have all your registration detail and exam number to easily check your ICAN result

If you are preparing or planning to enroll for your ICAN professional courses, it is advisable if you read this post first before you continue.

[ICAN Professional Programmes in Nigeria ]

Most probably, if you make a good ICAN  result there are many accounting consulting firms and financial institutions that recruit new candidates who have recently pass their ICAN exam in partnership with ICAN. It usually go with an email notification which they must have receive from the body.

Beside with an ICAN certification you have more chance of getting a highly paid job in Nigeria and it instantly separate you from many job hunting accounting graduate  in Nigeria.

We have been in the process of adding the ICAN study pack and diet online in our download page with other past exam questions. You can try out our online quiz test application for your ICAN  exam here ICAN online Test Center

I wish all those waiting for their ICAN Result a success. We hope to see you on top.

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3 Responses to “ICAN Results for May 2012 Examination”

  1. 100001437727101

    Jun 30. 2012

    am proud of ICAN.

  2. Yusuf Babalola

    Jun 30. 2012

    am proud of ICAN.

  3. Toscany Academy

    Nov 20. 2012

    All the best with your ICAN professional program

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