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Clement Ashley Consulting

Clement Ashley Consulting is a consulting company that specializes in identifying the needs of individuals and organizations, analyzing business problems and providing holistic solutions that take the individual or enterprise to the next level of development.


Our mission is to help organizations; their people, processes, financing, systems, strategy, culture and leadership build on their strengths and continuously grow and develop.


This is achieved through training programs designed and customized to meet the real needs of the participant and deliver real observable results as well as consulting designed to suit the business life-stage of the organization whilst making and assisting in the implementation of recommendations that anticipate and accelerate growth to the next stage.
We have observed that a lot of managers are excellent in the technical areas of their work, however many of them lack the soft skills required to get the top.


Some of these skills include Human Resource Management skills, Leadership skills, Creativity and Problem solving skills, Presentation skills, Performance Management skills, Appraisal skills, Team building skills, Project Management skills, Selling skills, Customer care skills etc.


The Holistic manager programme is ideal for accountants in management positions, those aspiring for management positions, and professionals in practice who have others managing their business.


At Clement Ashley Consulting we adopt a holistic approach that ensures that the manager becomes a well rounded professional. Clement Ashley s approach to consulting training and coaching is unique.


The principal trainer and consultant Ijeoma Rita Obu has been involved in strategy review, training and capacity building as an external consultant and as an in-house consultant.


In executing assignments she works with facilitators and other consultants who have at least 15 to 20 years hands on experience gathered in various specialist areas.
Clement Ashley s approach to training and consulting is customer centered. It is built on a solid understanding of business and organizational issues and principles and is adapted to practically suit the participant s current realities.


This we are able to do by using experience gained as an operator. Our training/coaching is presented in simple language easily understood by clients and participants. Our training/coaching is not text-book based nor is it based on one size fits all templates.


Our training is an instructor led work-based learning based on a practical and holistic curriculum. This program is accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Nigeria and accountants who attend this course will receive MCPE credit hours.


Introducing The Holistic Manager Programme – A one year Certificate Programme

At Clement Ashley Consulting we work hard to make things simple and easy for you. We take the time to study the needs of businesses.


In line with our holistic approach to doing business we are pleased to offer the Holistic Manager Programme (HMP). This certificate Programme is specially designed to take as little of the manager s time as possible, cover all the essential skills that a well rounded manager should have and produce extraordinary results in improved performance. This training is delivered in a modular but integrated way.
This training provides opportunity for managers to practice what they learn at work, your business problem becomes the case study their learning and practice on the job is backed up with e-mail support from our facilitators in between sessions.


The Training is flexible such that managers can join the program at any time and it is provided at an affordable cost at a relaxing and up-scale venue.


The programme is intensive and fully residential. Contact with the facilitators continues after class during dinner and post dinner sessions.


Sessions and Topics

1. Human Resource Management for Line Managers
2. Leadership at all levels
3. Creativity and Problem Solving
4. Customer Care
5. Presentation skills
6. Team Building
7. Time Management and Personal Effectiveness
8. Project management
9. Performance Management Translating Strategy to Action
10. Goal Setting and Appraisal Skills
11. Financial Control for Peak performance
12. Sales Force Effectiveness and Selling Skills
Each one of these skills is handled over a one day course held over a three day intensive week once every quarter, followed by practical assignments worked on by the participant manager at his desk, and on the job, as part of executing his daily tasks and meeting his periodic goals.


Because of the unique modular yet integrated approach, managers can join at any point in the program without missing anything at all and complete the program by attending the next 12 consecutive sessions.


No matter the subject we are facilitating, we make sure participants understand how it fits into the whole business and your corporate objectives.
Training Venue: The Dover Hotel, Lekki, Lagos


Training and Coaching Modules


Module 1 First Quarter

1. Goal Setting and Appraisal Skills
2. Performance Management
3. Project Management


Module 2 Second Quarter

4. Human Resource Management for Line Managers
5. Leadership at all Levels
6. Team Building


Module 3 Third Quarter

7. Customer Care
8. Creativity and Problem Solving
9. Time Management and Personal Effectiveness


Module 4 Fourth Quarter

10. Presentation Skills
11. Sales Force Effectiveness and Selling Skills
12. Financial Control for Peak Performance
Graduation and issue of certificate. Issue of Verizon tablets and MCPE credits to qualified graduates (conditions apply).


Registration Information

Duration: Three days (Tuesday- Thursday) every quarter
Next Date: August 13th-15th 2013
Venue: The Dover Hotel, Off Admiralty Way, Lekki
Fees for Residential Participants: Regular Price: N900,000 A2W and ICAN Price: N840,000 A2W & ICAN Discount: N60,000 (Eight Hundred and Forty Thousand Naira Only) per participant, covers one years tuition, E-mail coaching, course materials, accommodation for three nights each quarter, meals and certificates.
Fees for Non-Residential Participants: Regular Price: N600,000 A2W and ICAN Price: N540,000- A2W& ICAN Discount: N60,000 (Five Hundred and Forty Thousand Naira Only) per participant, covers one years tuition, E-mail coaching, course materials, meals and certificates.


Registration deadline for joining August class is 30th June 2013

Total Class Contact Hours: Ninety Six Hours (96 hours)
Total Non-Class Contact: Thirty Six Hours (36 hours)
Total Email Contact Hours: Three Hundred and Eighty Four hours (384 hours)
Discount to ICAN members: Ten percent (10 ) of Tuition.


Head Office

Kosofe Road Suite

1 Block 43 Dolphin Estate,



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