How to Write a Thesis Proposal

Thesis Proposal
Thesis Proposal

The reason for writing a thesis proposal is to demonstrate that:

  • The thesis topic addresses a big problem;
  • An organized arrangement is in place for getting information to assist solve the problem;
  • Ways of data analysis are known and are applicable to the information set.


If you’ll define these points clearly in a proposal, then you’ll be able to specialize in a research topic and end it apace.   A secondary purpose of the proposal is to coach you in the art of proposal writing.


Structure of a Thesis Proposal

Your thesis proposal ought to have the subsequent components:


  • Title page

Contains short, descriptive title of the projected thesis project (should be fairly self-explanatory) and author, establishment, department, analysis mentor, mentor’s establishment, and date of delivery

  • Abstract

The abstract may be a temporary outline of your thesis proposal. Its length mustn’t exceed two hundred words. Give a quick introduction to the problem, let the key statement of your thesis provide an outline of however you wish to handle the problem, add a doable implication of your work, if with success completed.


  • Table of contents

List all headings and subheadings with page numbers, indent and subheadings; this section sets the context for your projected project and should capture the reader’s interest


  • Thesis statement

In a few sentences, state your thesis. This statement will take the shape of a hypothesis, analysis question, project statement, or objective statement. Thesis statement ought to capture the essence of your supposed project.


  • Approach/methods

This section contains a general description of your approach, materials, and procedures: what ways, materials are used and the way information will be gathered and analysed?


  • Preliminary results and discussion

Present any results you have already got, discuss how they slot in the framework of your thesis


  • Work arrangement together with calendar

Describe intimately what you propose to try and do till completion of your thesis project

  • Implications of analysis

What new data can the projected project turn out that we don’t already know? And what is its value?


  • List of references
    • Cite all concepts, theories, text, information that aren’t your own


  • Cite single-author references by the last name of the author (followed by date of the publication in parenthesis)… in keeping with Hays (1994)… increment is one among the best environmental issues facing future generations (Hays, 1994).


  • Cite double-author
  • References by the surnames of each authors (followed by date of the publication in parenthesis) e.g. Simpson and Hays (1994)


  • Cite over a double-author
  • References by the last name of the primary author followed by et al. so the date of the publication e.g. Afamah, Smith and Davies would be: Afamah et al. (1983)


  • Cite newspaper articles utilising the newspaper famous name and year, for instance…..this drawback was conjointly recently mentioned within the press (New royal house Times, 1/15/00) don’t use footnotes


  • List all references cited within the text in alphabetical order

It is acceptable to place the initials of the individual authors behind their surnames, for example: Afamah, S.L., Smith, M., Simpson, H.J., and Hays, J (1996) Undergraduate analysis at……


Order within Which to Jot Down the Proposal

Proceed like this:

  • Create a top level view of your thesis proposal before you begin writing
  • Prepare figures and tables
  • Figure captions
  • Approaches
  • Discussion of your information
  • Inferences from your information
  • Introduction
  • Abstract
  • Bibliography



Terrible grammar and writing system distract from the content of the proposal.  The reader focuses on the grammar and writing system issues and misses key points created within the text. Modern word processing programs have grammar and spell checkers.  Make use of them.



Always mention your sources and bear in mind to grant acknowledgments to the right persons.


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