How to Write a Thesis Statement

Thesis Statement
Creating a Thesis Statement where Topic is given

Nearly all projects can be condensed to a single question. Your first move, then, is to filter the project into a particular question. For instance, if your project is: create a report to the indigenous college board elucidating the possible benefits of using computers in a junior high school, change it into a question resembling: what are the likely advantages of using computers in a junior high school? Once you have selected the question your essay will answer, create about two thorough sentences answering that question.


Creating a Thesis Statement Where Topic is not Given

Even where your project does not ask a particular question, your thesis statement should still answer a question about the issue you would like to search. A good thesis statement will typically comprise the following four features:

  • Take on an issue upon which rational persons could differ on
  • Deal with an issue that can be effectively treated
  • State one focal idea
  • Emphasise your conclusions concerning an issue


How to Generate a Thesis Statement


  • Confine the topic.
  • Take a stand on the topic.
  • After thinking about the topic a while, choose what you really want to say concerning the topic
  • Use specific semantic.
  • Choose to expound what you mean concerning your topic
  • Make a statement based on visibly indicated support.



Knowing a Good Thesis Statement from a Poor One

  • A good thesis statement takes a stand. Your thesis needs to express your deductions about a topic.
  • A good thesis statement substantiates talks. Your thesis should specify the point of the debate.


  • A good thesis statement expresses one core idea. Readers should be able to see that your paper has one main point. For instance: Firms need to exploit the marketing prospect of the Internet, and Websites can offer both ad and customer care. This is a poor thesis statement as the reader cannot say if the paper is about marketing on the net or Web pages. To brush up the thesis, the connection between the 2 ideas needs to become well-defined. One way to brush up the thesis is to write: Because the net is full of great marketing prospects, companies should exploit these prospects by utilising Web pages that provide both advertising and customer care. This is a better thesis since it shows that the 2 ideas are connected. Tip-off: many great and attractive thesis statements encompass words like since, so, though, except, and however.


  • A good thesis statement is precise. A thesis statement should indicate precisely what your paper will be about, and will assist you preserve your paper to a convenient topic. For instance, if you are writing up to a 10-page paper on malnourishment, you may say: World malnutrition has numerous reasons and effects. This is a poor thesis statement for 2 major causes. First, world malnutrition cannot be deliberated comprehensively in 10 pages. Secondly, numerous reasons and effects are ambiguous. You should be able to ascertain precise reasons and effects. A brushed up thesis would go thus: Malnutrition persists in Africa because jobs are rare and farming in the barren soil is hardly lucrative. This is a better thesis statement since it restricts the issue to a more precise and controllable topic, and it likewise ascertains the precise motives for the existence of malnutrition.


Functions of a Thesis Statement

  • To examining your ideas by filtering them into a sentence or 2
  • To better shape and improve your argument
  • To give your reader a “direction” to your argument


Overall, your thesis statement will achieve these objectives if you see the thesis as the response to the question your paper is searching.


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