Thesis Topics in Biotechnology


A list of some of the Biotechnology thesis topic suggestions currently present in our new thesis database that we will be release soon for our users.

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  1. Experimental Techniques And Capability Development To Analyse Elasto-Plastic Problems
  2. Experimental And Numerical Investigations On Condensed Phase Heat Transfer And The Ignition Behaviour Of Ap-Htpb Sandwich Propellants
  3. Free Vibration Studies Of Polymer Composite Aircraft Instrument Panel Boards
  4. Study On The Development Of Steel Lined Composite Compressed Natural Gas (Cng) Cylinders
  5. The Behaviourial Studies Of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened By Composite Laminates
  6. Studies On The Spectroscopic Of Polyatomic Molecules
  7. Experimental And Theoritical Studies Of Some Polyatomic Molecules
  8. Vibrational Spectra Of Polyatomic Molecules: A Theoretical & Experimental Investigations
  9. A Study On Experimental Investigations On The Vibrational Spectra Of Polyatomic Molecules
  10. Distribution Of Employment And Urban Residential Allocation In Madras Metropolitan Area Spatially
  11. The Development Control For Planning Information: A Gis Model For Madras Metropolitan Development Authority
  12. Process Of Land Subdivision And Settlement In Madras Metropolitan Area
  13. Houses In Hot And Humid Region Thermal Performances: A Case Study In Coastal Lagos Areas
  14. Prediction And Multizone Modeling Of Pollutants Of An Automotive Diesel Engine
  15. The Performance Evaluation And Design Optimization Of Automotive Disc Brake Using Genetic Algorithm And Finite Element Analysis
  16. The Studies On The Physiological And Molecular Formation Of The Biocidal Factors From The Entomopathogenis Bacterium: Bacillus Sphaericus 1593m
  17. Expression And Cloning Of Bancroffi Antigen For The Early Diagnosis Of Filarial Infection
  18. The Thermodynamics Of Liquid Mixtures: A Case Study On Liquid-Liquid Equilibria, Vapour-Liquid Equilibria And Heat Of Mixing Of System Containing Dissolved Inorganic Salts
  19. Studies Of Genetic And Physiological Effect Of Entomopathogenic Bacteria: Two Dna Fragments From Bacillus Sphaericus Encoding Mosquito Larvicidal Activity
  20. The Molecular Basis Of Sporulation In Bacillus Studies On The Characterization And The Formation Of Crystal Proteins Of Bacillus Thüringen Sis
  21. New Chrome-Aluminium Syntan Study As An Alternative Mineral Tanning System
  22. Production Technology Of Proteases From Bacillus Amyloliquefaciencs And Its Applications
  23. Approaches To The Better Management Of Chromium(Lll) Salts As Tanning Agents: A Case Studies
  24. Evaluation, Cloning, And Expression Of The Diagnostic Antigens Of Bancroftion Filariasis
  25. Process Optimization Strategies And Recombinant Dna Approaches For Production Enhancement Of Mosquito Larvicidal Factors Of Bacillus Sphaericus 1593m
  26. Humoral Immune And Cellular Response To Filarial Antigens In Endemic Normal And Bancroftian Bilarial Patients
  27. Collagen And Lipid-Lipid Peroxidation Changes In Myocordial Lesions Induced By Higher Fat Diet And Immobilisation Stress
  28. Analysis Of Lung Epithetial Proliferation & Modulation Of Cellular Responses By Filarial Proteins Via In-Vitro Model
  29. Cell Proliferation In T-Cell Leukemia: A Case Studies
  30. Studies Of Cytokine Gene Expression In Human Lymphatic Filariasis

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