Thesis Topics in Biochemistry


A list of some of the Biochemistry thesis topic suggestions currently present in our new thesis database that we will be release soon for our users.


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1. The Preparation Of Substituted Enol Derivatives From Terminal Alkynes And Progress Toward The Total Synthesis Of Nigricanoside

2. New Mechanisms And Novel Discoveries Of Regulatory Rnas At The Heart Of Sugar

3. Cellular And Biochemical Characterization Of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide Adenylyltransferase 2 (Nmnat2)

4. Fbxl5: Regulator And Sensor Of Mammalian Iron Homeostasis

5. Studies Of Autophagy Initiation In Mammalian Cells Mechanistically

6. Iron Homeostasis Regulation By An Iron-Sensing E3 Ubiquitin Ligase

7. Development And Nuclear Receptor Controls Nematode Metabolism: Insight Into Man’s Nemesis, The Conqueror Worm

8. Compleses Of Protein In Ubiquitin Enzymology And Signaling: Translesion Dna Synthesis And E2-E3 Assembly

9. Zebrafish Model Of Cardiomyopathy Induced By Anemia To Provide A Unique Context To The Study Of Location-Dependent Functions Of The Wnt/B-Catenin Pathway

10. A Study Of The Influence Of Hyperactivation Of The Sonic Hedgehog Pathway On Cellular Responses To Dna Damage

11. Characterization And Identification Of Long Non-Coding Rnas (Lncrnas) That Altered Expression In Cancer

12. The Functional Representationn Of The Actin Cytoskeleton Regulator Formin-Like 1 (Fmnl1)

13. Contribution Of Snail1 To Sonic Hedgehog Pathway Mediated Proliferation And Transformation Of Neural Cells

14. An Assessment On The Role Performed By Rtt106 In Replication Coupled Nucleosome Assembly

15. A Study On The Reaction Kinetics Of Biochemicals In Dilute And Crowded Solutions:

Experimental Observations And Predictions Of Macroscopic And Mesoscopic Models

16. The Control Of Transforming Growth Factor-Beta Cell Type-Specific Signaling By Mammalian Target Of Rapamycin Complexes

17. An Overview Of Progranulin Role In Physiology And Pathology

18. Multivesicular Body Sorting Determinants Characterization In Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

19. Characterization Of The Role Of Siah-Dependent Proteolysis In Ras-Mediated Tumorigenesis

20. Characterization And Selection Of Anti-Nf-Kb P652 Rna Aptamers In Vitro And In Vivo

21. Investigation Of The Dimer Interface For Clues To Amyloidogenicity Of Light Chain Amyloidosis

22. Anti-Androgenic And Androgenic Regulation Of Cellular Flice-Like Inhibitory Protein (Flip) In Prostate Cancer Cells

23. An Experimental Study Of The Molecular Mechanisms Of M-Csf-Mediated Osteoclast Survival

24. Candidate Tumor Suppressor Genes Identification On Chromosome 19 In Human

25. A Study Of Developmental Bioenergetics Of Stem Cell Cardiac Differentiation

26. Polycystic Kidney Disease Gene Products Characterization: Roles And Processing In Centrosome/Ciliary Biology

27. Human Topoisomerase Phosphorylation And Its Effect Of Enzymatic Activity

28. An Critical Assessment On The Models Of Human Familial Paraganglioma

29. Interactions Of P53-Rna: In Yeast, Vitro, And Human Cells

30. The Influence Of Inherited Missense Mutations On The Function Of Brca2

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