How to Use Whatsapp Chat Messenger for Education and Learning Purposes

whatsapp chat messenger

Whatsapp is a new and hot mobile chat messenger making waves in Nigeria and all over the world. Whatsapp was able to penetrate the market easily because it offers cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility. It is supported in almost all mobile phones and other devices. Being in constant touch with people within your circle is amazing and whatsapp gives you the chance to talk with them through instant message system.


If you are a student with a mobile enabled whatsapp application, did you know that you can use whatsapp hidden features for education and learning? Many students that have whatsapp running on their mobile always think about its capacity as a social networking and chatting platform and less people are thinking about how this mobile application can be effectively use for education collaboration and learning.


If you don’t have whatsapp on your mobile, you can head to their website at and download whatsapp version compatible with your mobile device platform. The installation process can be tricky sometimes but irrespective of your mobile device platform; you can read how to download whatsapp and how to install whatsapp on the link below.


Download and Installation Guide for Whatsapp 


Now, this brings us back on how whatsapp mobile application can be used in education and learning. As I mentioned before, there are many hidden features of whatsapp that haven’t make much of news or find popularity among whatsapp users.


The main features I found on whatsapp you can use to build a learning circle among your friends are the ability to send not only text message but files and message broadcasting.


With message broadcasting, you can will select or make a list of people in your contacts you wish to share educational and learning resources with and you can create a broad based discussions on many subjects. One advantage of this measure is that learning and information sharing happen at the comfort of your bed.


Whatsapp has a good and attractive user interface and it makes discussion super rich. You can ask questions in any subjects and send it across to all people in your circle through a broadcast or start a meaningful discussion on concepts you need to understand much better.


In as much as, many have found whatsapp important for instant mobile text messaging but creating a learning environment out of the numerous features in whatsapp will help you build a mobile classroom.


Have you use whatsapp for education and or learning before. We will like to hear how you have implemented a learning process through the use of whatsapp.


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5 Responses to “How to Use Whatsapp Chat Messenger for Education and Learning Purposes”

  1. Favour Choice

    Mar 25. 2013

    About nursing school ezzamgbo when the form wil be out, need it pls help.08021085616.

  2. Avraham Roos

    May 18. 2013

    One idea would be the following: You can send a picture to your students and ask a question about it e.g. "Where am I now?"

  3. Loise Niita Ashivudhi

    Jun 15. 2014

    You can also send pictures back and forth where a student solves a maths problem for example and you can check and verify their calculations and answer. Voice notes are also very helpfull in explaining different concepts.

  4. Brenda Wambua

    Feb 15. 2015

    You can post a topic of discussion for students to share their views.

  5. Hemant Mendiratta

    Apr 23. 2016

    I can't resist to share a really useful service for WhatsApp which acts as a personalised Wikipdedia. Know how to use for WhatsApp and ways to use WhatsApp for education purposes at the following link –

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