Electronic Grade Book Makes Grading Easy For Teachers

Grade Book

Electronic Grade Book For Teachers

An electronic grade book is a teacher’s documentation of students’ courses, assignments, advancement and grades online.


An electronic grade book borders a student data system which embraces students’ grades, turnout, medical records, transcriptions, student timetables and other information.


There are some electronic grade books that make grades, research and student timetables accessible on the net to parents and students.


There are many of services online that provide an easily accessible online grade book portal for schools.


Some of them are Aspen, Spiral Universe, QuickSchools.com, and GPA Teacher. These online grade book portals offer an easy to update and customize dashboard allowing the teachers to easily update every student’s grade book data.


They also offer a format that would allow the teacher’s to swiftly effortlessly transfer the information into the end-of-term report cards.


A grade book can be the physical paper type or the electronic one. Electronic grade book that has gradually evolved as a result of technological advancement has made management of students’ data easier for the teachers as well makes for swifter accessibility of those data to parents and students.


Electronic grade book allows the teacher to easily manage student grades. A good electronic grade book should permit the teacher to input different grading scores using various presentation decisive factor, assessment scales and aggregation method.


In an ideal situation, grade book software ought to both combine with other services, such as education administration systems, School administration systems and student information systems.


The British government agency for ICT in education for an example in the year 2010 mandated comprehensive school system  to make pupils report cards available online for the parents to be able to access it easily.


Again, a good grade book should be able to allow teacher to transfer assignments from one of their own grade books to another. It should also allow teachers to copy assignments from other teacher’s grade book into their own.


Setting up your School or class’ Module Grade Book

At the commencement of every academic year, it is very crucial and advisable for the teachers to do some module homework before their students enters the class for their courses.


The school module admin department should be able to add all the teacher’s classes and set up marking grades for the teachers.


If you haven’t got that knowledge to do this yourself, this article will give you an idea of how to go about setting up your own grade book.


The first thing to do is to get all the classes in the school set up as groups in the module page. After that you add each class’ customized grading scales


The reason you need to set up all your classes is that if the course is enroll able, the students could be able to log in and be able to partake in the teaching exercises.


They couldn’t get access to the courses if you have not made available a log in pass word which every student must have in order to be able to access the material.


Not having an enrolment key is only possible and proper when you have an open door policy allowing all the students to just have an express access to the materials.


Ideally, all the students wouldn’t be free to enroll in an advance course which explains the reason for the log in password for the courses as well as the modules.


Again, although two colleagues can share teaching resources and experiences the teacher’s couldn’t mark each other’s students works that is why it is essential that each teacher has his or her own grade book to grade his or her students’ performances.

The same thing should be applicable to each class module. Even if two classes are sharing one module course, it is essential that the classes be set on different pages of the grade book instead of combining all of them in one page together.