World Teacher’s Day – Thank You Message To All Teachers in Nigeria

world teachers day in Nigeria


As the whole world  marks the World Teacher’s Day, we are sending out our deepest thank you message to all the teachers around the world and Nigerian teachers in particular.


World Teacher’s Day is a day we should reflect back and appreciate our educational life journey and men and women who against all odd have sacrificed everything to see us become part of what we are today.


World Teacher’s Day is celebrated around the world every 5th Oct. Its aim is to mobilize support for teachers and to ensure that the needs of future generations will continue to be met by teachers.


Teaching profession is most adorable profession in the world. Today, no matter your passion or whatever profession you find yourself, we should all come together to make our teachers proud. Let them understand how much we appreciate their wonderful works and we will stand by them in improving standard of education in the area of research and teaching.


We are asking you to write down a little message to all your teachers as they celebrate their day today. You can use our Facebook comment box or our inbuilt comment box.


If you are still a student, today is the day you should plan with your follow classmates to let your teachers know how much you appreciate them and thank them for the love to have showed to you.


Not just that, we have integrated a greeting card or post card system. It is located on the right sidebar of this page. It is very simple to use. Just select a greeting card or thank you card you wish to give to your teachers and simply proceed with an embedded message on it. That is all. As simple as that and your teacher will always live to appreciate it.


Thank You So Much To All Our Teachers


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