Using Networking to Conquer Challenges as a New Teacher in Nigeria


Teaching is one of the best jobs in the world. But being a teacher comes with its own challenges. Teachers, who are into teaching because of the passion, knowledge transfer and the smiles that radiates from their students, enjoy what they do and appreciate the profession irrespective of the challenges.


To become a successful and experience teacher comes with time, hard-work and passion. Experience teachers who enjoy what they do always think of the next day in school with their students.


But for new teachers who are starting off their new teaching career without real life teaching experience can be a heck of a challenge. As a new teacher in Nigeria, there are many things you have to learn and put into perspective.


But the area that I will like to focus on is how important social networking with other seasoned and experience teachers can help you grow in your new teaching job in Nigeria.


When I said networking you should not assume immediately that I am talking about making more friends on Facebook and sit and chat with them in your free time.


There are many ways you can create a rich social network circle online by joining some of the well-known and resourceful teacher’s platform. I must acknowledge how hard it can be to find the best environment to be part of but the best way is always to ask other experience teachers where they hang-out online and the best circle for a new teacher to belong.


If you find it hard getting this information, I will suggest you read this post that will help you make the decision.


The Best Online Communities for Nigeria Teachers   


The important of being a member and being active as a new teacher in Nigeria is that the platform will offer you the opportunity to ask experience teachers questions that you encounter every day at work and you will get feedbacks on how people have tackled the same issues in the past.


Not just that, it will help you to be in tone with latest technologies available to teachers and how to use them. We all agreed that technology has been changing the way we teach and the way students are learning, knowing the best combination of technologies to use in class will help you and your students will enjoy learning and will improve academically.


Another aspect of networking can be achieved by going to educational and teaching workshops, conferences and teachers’ meet-up. This is a way to talk to real people and ask questions you need a solution.


I am going to provide a link of websites in my own opinion that will definitely help you as a new teacher in Nigeria. You can check them out before you register to see if it is a place you will like to be a member.


Teacher Lingo






If you have any options about better communities for new teachers in Nigeria, you can let us know by leaving a comment. It will do new teachers good to know about these platforms.