Tips for Teaching English Overseas

English Overseas

Teaching English Overseas

You have finished your education course and graduated but is unfortunately finding it difficult to secure a job after graduation due to the fact that most employers require you to have at least 3-5 years of teaching experience before they can consider your application, you are demoralized and don’t know what to do or where to turn to?


Do not give up yet, there are a lot of other options available to you. You could reflect on teaching English overseas (ESL) to gain experience as well as make money instead of giving in to anger and despair. If you think you could manage in a different country with a different culture, language, new people and new ways of life; then this article is meant for you.


It will guide you through the tips you need to get started and finally fulfill your dream of joining the group of English Speakers who are teaching English overseas as a second language. The 1ST thing you need to do is to get certified.


Get Teaching Certificate

You don’t need to register for a 2 years program. What you ought to do is to register for the 6 months intensive course to certify you for teaching English as a Second Language Overseas. Although it could be a lot of work to pack a six-month of learning course into 6 weeks; when you find yourself enjoying excellent rewards  for Teaching English overseas you will realize that that you were not mistaken to take that initial step.


Be cautious of taking online courses or enrolling with organizations that will offer you certificates in just few days and be sure to register with organizations that will offer you some sort of practical experience at the end of the courses. Registering with such organizations will ensure that have some of the experience that prospective employers are looking for. Such experience will as well prepare you for the first day you will enter the class as a teacher.


Look For highly regarded ESL schools

Enrolling with a reputable ESL school will ensure that you get a good job oversea and at a safe location since you will be staying away from Parents, family and friends. Another advantage of enrolling in a well reputed school is that you would earn more and enjoy more remuneration.


 Learn the language of the country you hope to teach in

Even though most schools that employ native English speakers for teaching English overseas would tell you that you don’t need to know their local Language to be offered the job for fear that you might start using the Language in the classroom, it is better to have the basic knowledge of that language to make things a bit easier for you. Moving abroad to teach English can be difficult and a bit frustrating without the basic knowledge of the language of the country you are moving into.


Obtain the necessary travel insurance before moving

Going oversea to live as your home is not the same as travelling to the same country for a few weeks on a holiday. Therefore make sure you get the accurate type of insurance that will cover you in case something happens.


You also need to take into consideration your every day health needs and make provision for any eventuality. Your travel insurance may cover you for any emergency injury or sickness but for your normal routine check you would need to get a comprehensive insurance.


Get yourself organize to learn how to handle and cope with cultural differences between countries

You may find out that teaching English overseas is not all enjoyment. It also has its drawbacks such as cultural differences. So prepare your mind to cope with these differences when such times arrive.


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