The Teaching Career and Its Requirements in Nigeria

teaching career

The Teaching Career  in Nigeria

A student who intends to choose a teaching career is expected to take up courses in education.


The teacher work is to assist the students to learn theories and ideas in subjects like science, Maths, language arts, social studies, art and music. The teacher after that assists them to relate these concepts.


A student who graduated for teaching career can take up job as a teacher in the primary or elementary school, preschool, secondary school or as a lecturer in the university.


The teaching job can either be in a privately owned schools or public institutions.


Teaching career is very much connected to the education sector though there are education career beside the teaching careers.


Employment prospects for Teachers

Teaching career has a very good employment prospect all over the world. Employment for teachers in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools is expected to develop just like other professions up to the year 2018.


The employment opportunities for teachers will change from good to being brilliant and outstanding.


However this will vary depending on the location of the teacher and the school round the world but for teachers who choose mathematics teaching career, science teachers, bi-lingual education teachers and those who would like to teach in schools located in remote places, there is a very promising job prospects for them.


What you need to become a qualified Teachers

To make the most of your teaching career, you would normally need a bachelor’s degree to meet up with is obtainable round the world.


Unfortunately in Nigeria that standard for some time has fallen and there has been scarcity of qualified teachers due to lack of proper maintenance of such teachers leading to our schools filled with unqualified and quack teachers which has affected our education system badly.


To enter into a teaching career as a qualified teacher both in the public schools and in the private school, that is the basic standard globally. Usually, one has to finish an official teacher training program that involves earning a particular number of subjects and education credits and doing teaching practice- being sent into schools to teach as a student under the supervision of qualified teachers.


Many school localities in various countries of the world accept bachelor’s degrees in other majors for one to enter into a teaching career.


Some country would require teachers to upgrade from time to time and would give teachers a specific number of years to obtain a master’s degree within a certain amount of time. Requirements for preschool teachers differ greatly from place to place.


Some need teachers to possess a bachelor’s degree to teach children in early childhood while the rest need preschool teachers to acquire an associate degree.


 Secondary requirements to enter into a teaching career

Some countries require teachers apart from obtaining a specified degree for entering into a teaching career to also obtain a license to be able to teach.


The license would normally be issued by the ministry of education of that particular nation. A teacher ought to do certain exam to prove his efficiency, capability and mastery in his or her subject area in order to be given such permission.


Career development Opportunities for those in teaching career

A teacher who has acquired experience over the years can become school administrators. He can as well obtain additional training to enable him to go into guidance and counseling, school librarians and specialist in reading.


The salary of teachers

The salary a teacher receives depends on whether he or she is teaching in preschools, primary, secondary or lecturing in higher institutions and also depends on whether he is in private or in the public school


The work of Teachers: what the teachers are expected to do

  • use buttresses or manipulative to assist children comprehend conceptual concepts, get to the bottom of problems, and upsurge significant thinking processes;


  • launch  mathematics, language, science, and social studies to children
  • promote teamwork  and partnership in cracking problems by making students to work in groups to enable them to converse and resolve questions together;


The work of Elementary School Teachers:

  • They teach one class of children in more than a few subjects or team up with another teacher to teach the class.


  • The teacher occasionally only teach one special subject, like music or art;


The work of secondary school teachers

  • They assist the  students to look more intensely into subjects they started learning in elementary school and offer them added information about the world


  • They teach and specialize in one particular subject


  • They may teach subjects that are related to specific careers


If you are considering entering into the teaching career and is not sure if it is the best thing for you to do, you can investigate a career in education via different programs and volunteer working opportunities.


Taking part in different school organizations on campus and in the community can help you to check if a career in education is going to suit you.


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