The Role and Importance of Teaching Aids for Nigerian Teachers

Role and Importance of Teaching Aids

The process of teaching and learning largely depends on the available teaching materials. Today there are a wide range of teaching aids which can be audio, video, books, DVDs etc.

Teaching aids are those materials that help the teachers explain better knowledge and help the students understand. It is like the picture of the lesson.

It is especially important in lessons or topics that are strange to the kids. E.g. if you were teaching a group of kids in a remote village with no civilisation about types of houses, you will need a picture or a DVD showing the different houses and their names because most probably these kids have never seen or heard of such.

There are many other tested teaching tools and resources that have had a great impact in improving learning processes for students.

If you are a teacher and have not use any of the free or paid available teaching aids today, you will immediate see the difference in regards to your students’ performance once you try it.


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What We Hear We Know but What We See We Remember: individuals are prone to forgetfulness and hold on more to memories of things they have seen than heard. When an audio visual aid is correctly used it will help in retention of the acquired knowledge.


Motivation is almost everything in teaching and learning process, every individual whether teen or adult is more attentive to practical knowledge, the use of teaching aids can motivate and capture the students’ interest in what you are teaching.


Images last longer in the mind, when a learner correctly sees, hears and touches a knowledge he can himself put the pieces together and get the picture even without the teacher speaking.


Just like the previous teaching aids prompts the students’ reasoning and is a good example or conceptual thinking.


It sparks of interest. In schools where student skip classes, and then one day they see a teacher going to the class with a projector, DVD or a large paper. You will get a full class not because of your sternness but the aids had sparked their interest.


It reduces the workload of explanation on the teacher and gives a more permanent knowledge. Provides a more direct experience for the students. A student may have seen an object without knowing its name or use, the teacher will teach on that same subject but they just won’t get it, that’s where the aid comes in to remind them and you will here things like ‘okay!’ ‘We know it!’

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There a re mostly classified into:

Visuals: these are aids that use the actual vision like maps, charts, objects, pictures, models, flash cards, chalkboard, projectors, slides, bulletin boards. Of all the chalkboard is the most used and sometimes pictures.

Audio: these aids uses only the student’s sense of hearing examples are films, television, DVDs, film strips etc.

Audio – visuals: these aids combine both the vision and hearing senses and always give a more vivid picture examples are films.

The use of audio- visual teaching aids is known to be more effective and aid comprehension in learners.  The type of teaching aid used will also depend largely on the level and age of students. For kindergarten and play pen kids rhymes, pictures and flash cards are most appropriate, you definitely will not use rhymes and flash cards to teach students in tertiary institutions instead go for slides, maps and charts.

Wrong usage of teaching aids can confuse as well as irritate students causing them to lose interest. As a teacher know the right aid and use them correctly then all teaching objective will be achieved by the end of the class.

  • Reduces dullness
  • To clear all confusion
  • To motivate
  • To increase vocabulary
  • To save time and money
  • To give direct experience

The importance of using a well-tested and result oriented teaching aid will lessen teaching time and help the students to stick the concept of the topic in the head. The joy of every teacher is to see his or her students improve drastically in their learning process.

Are you a teacher? or have you done it in the past?, we will like to hear from you about the teaching tools and aids you are using or have used in the past and if you see a big improve on the side of students understanding correctly the message you wanted to past through them.

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11 Responses to “The Role and Importance of Teaching Aids for Nigerian Teachers”

  1. George Nwaozichi

    Oct 12. 2012

    using objective tools in teaching help the ward to understand very fast also bring-down lower language to understanding makes them learn more than using the language which Wii.
    be very difficult to them.

  2. Toscany Academy

    Oct 15. 2012

    You made a very good point. Thanks for your input

  3. 100004522411547

    Jan 19. 2013

    Teaching materials is very important in our model of education to buildwel and motivate of learning understand a better need of knowledge.

  4. 100004522411547

    Jan 19. 2013

    Teaching materials is very important in our model of education to buildwel and motivate of learning understand a better need of knowledge.

  5. Wasiu Adebayo

    Jan 19. 2013

    Teaching materials is very important in our model of education to buildwel and motivate of learning understand a better need of knowledge.

  6. The Government should provide adequate funds for instructional materials. These materials are highly essential in achieving quality education.

  7. Henry Ogah

    Mar 04. 2013


    Though aids are crucial to successful teaching, they are not a replacement for quality teaching strategies. Instead of relying upon teaching aids to do the instruction, these tools are used as supplemental resources for educators. Many students cannot perform to their fullest potential without the use of teaching aids, but no student can produce their best work without a skilled teacher behind them. With a plethora of multimedia resources available, it is important to remember that teaching aids are meant to enrich student learning, not provide.

  8. Aondo Sharon Wasem

    Mar 04. 2013

    Wow dix ix grt!

  9. Nishimwe Bover

    Apr 24. 2015

    wow,it is very important to improve performance of students!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. in the teaching of history teaching aids make the lessons interesting e.g watching a historical movie fullfills what pupils might have read in the text books………..

  11. Okey J-t Anyanwu

    Nov 17. 2015

    The use of instructional delivery aids makes teaching effective and learning very active. Its availability and optimal usage should encouraged in Nigerian schools at all levels of  education for efficiency in educational productivity and service delivery.

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