Teaching with Technology

Teaching with Technology

Teaching with Technology

Teaching with technology involves being up to date on the most modern tools as well as knowing how to effectively integrate the best tools into your teaching at a time and anywhere it is logical and sensible.


Teaching with technology has a lot of benefits as well as some shortcomings. It can enhance the students’ ability to learn as well as inhibit it. Teachers can use technology to enhance teaching and learning both in the classroom and online through distance learning.


Teaching with technology also known as instructional technology (IT) has turn out to be a significant element of teaching and learning inside the classroom plus completely to learn in online situations.


As a result, the materials for educating and supporting faculty concerning the most excellent practices for using technology have grown to be very vital. These learning materials ought to go further than how to labor with particular software.


Again, educators ought to recognize and appreciate ways that the innovative teaching tools can enhance and augment student’s learning.


Therefore, instructors and teachers need some sort of support to help them explore the various prospective technologies that will impart positively in the learning process and ability of the students and the best way of employing teaching with technology in their teaching career. Examples of such help that teachers would need are


  • Step-by-step instructions on how to use a number of campus-widely available technologies like the Blackboard and PowerPoint.
  • Teachers and instructors will be guided on how they may kick off and direct particular technology-supported education activities,
  • Teachers would be taught and guided about the various roles technology might play in a classroom,
  • They would also be instructed and guided to think out and reflect about the most beneficial uses of the teaching with technology in the classroom as well as receive a note of warning of possible negative effects of technology in teaching environment.


Studying and learning is basically seen as a social course of action which requires communication between the learner and teacher as well as between the students.


This social Course of action cannot be completely exchanged by technology, even though that technology has the tendency to make the processes a bit easier and less difficult.


Teaching with Technology involves the tools and strategies to perk up Student Learning. If you’re fascinated about using technology tools to improve your teaching, it’s easy to get weighed down and inundated by the loads of information you could found out there.


The technical nature of some of the tools makes it difficult for use in a college classroom. You are advised before embarking on teaching with technology to verify and discover tools and strategies that works best to advance and develop students’ approaches to learning.


Try to discuss what works and what doesn’t work as well as how best to put into practice the best technology ideas in the best possible way.


It is necessary to do this for even though teaching with technology has a lot of benefits; it also has a lot of disadvantages. There is a wide range of belief among teachers that continuous use of technology by the students to learn limits their concentration rather than improving them.


It also make them less able to cope with more difficult task which otherwise would not have been apart from technology.


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