Teaching Materials: Why Teaching Materials Are Essential

Teaching Materials

Why Teaching Materials Are Essential

Teachers and educators make use of teaching materials otherwise known as teaching aids to pass on knowledge and information on their students, excite interest, and make the process of teaching and learning simple and easy.


The teaching materials used by teachers range from much uncomplicated ones to complicated ones. They can be in audio, illustration, or ever more habitually in a mechanized and computerized form.


One among the earliest recognized teaching materials is the hornbook. It was used in English schools from the mid-1400s till the earliest part of the nineteenth century.


It is a flat board on which a piece of paper with the alphabet, the Lord’s Prayer, and numerous simple words written on it were stuck. The paper is protected by a transparent piece of the horn to keep it safe.


Evidently, the blackboard was developed from the hornbook, and has conventionally been among the most commonly used teaching materials in schools all over the world.


Online teaching materials are a division of computer-based education or electronic learning (eLearning) used to influence the Web globally for the release of educational materials.


Quite a lot of teachers and organizations supply online teaching materials by providing lings to such on Web pages. Many university professors and school departments frequently supply related resource pages to supplement education opportunities for their students.


These teaching materials are particularly useful and essential when they contain information that is far beyond what the students are taught in the classroom.


Numerous businesses and joint efforts have come forward to supply online teaching materials. These organizational bodies vary from businesses offering their own education media to websites that were developed to gather together links to several existing educational content online.


Even though the aims of these associations vary, they all center in improving and advancing the use of internet as the medium through which teaching materials can be delivered.


Online teaching materials came up as constituents of individual Web pages with the explosion of the internet and its acceptance starting from early to mid-1990s.


Outside individual publishing, online teaching materials were often made available online as models and additional materials by money-making organizations that are researching with the internet.


Sites dedicated to definite topics started collecting links to these educational materials’ resources in an attempt to attract teachers and educators starting from the late 90s.


These ideas were copied and used in the Learning Management System (LMS) and the Learning Content Management System (LCMS) as a technique for teachers to categorize and make available online  their already existing teaching materials already available online.


The two systems also enclose writing tools that permits pieces of a whole course in addition to online teaching materials.


Why teaching materials are essential: Language teaching for an example has five vital constituents: the student, the teacher, teaching materials, teaching methods, and assessment.


Why are teaching materials essential in language teaching? What do teaching materials do in language instruction? Can English for example be thought without the use of a textbook?


Allwright (1990) thinks that  teaching materials ought to teach students to study and that teaching materials ought to be resource books for suggestions and activities for teaching/education, and that they ought to guide the teachers on what to teach the students.


From his argument, textbooks are excessively rigid to be considered straightforwardly as teaching material. O’Neill (1990), conversely, argues that teaching materials may be appropriate for students’ needs, even when such textbooks are not particularly made for them and that textbook allows students to evaluate and get ready for their lessons.


He further said that textbooks are proficient and very essential with regards to time and money, and suggests that textbooks are capable of and ought to give room for alteration and inventiveness.


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