Teacher Resource Center: A Veritable for Learning and Teaching

Teacher resources

Teacher Resource Center

Teacher resource center means  any  center operated by a school district, panel of supportive educational services or  an  association  of  school  districts  and/or  boards  of supportive educational services.


School libraries are previously well thought-out as one of the largest significant teacher resource center within instructive and educational facilities.


This gradually developed into the project of learning centers/ teacher resource center to lift and elevate school libraries into global and technological level.


Teacher resource center can as well be organized in a variety of institution for the purpose of teaching and learning. The reason for establishing a teacher resource center is also the idea behind advancing the education experience of students and teacher in any educational subdivision.


A teacher’s resource center is a school utility motivated by a competent and experienced professional. It houses quite a lot of teaching resources and their procedures, which the teacher straightforwardly accesses to gain probing expertise for information, evaluate and assess in order to build a fresh knowledge and experience and subsequently expand them with the use of various  number of education methods. It also provides services to; facilitate the useful for both teaching and learning.


Teacher   resource center is not a novel idea; it has been in existence since 1960s the transition from traditional school libraries into resource centers which supply information to teachers and students started.


Teacher resource center not only contain printed materials like the traditional library but also every tool of communication to enhance individual learning approaches.


This new trend supports and enhances innovations in the educational sectors and aims to enhance self-learning, programmed learning, studying for mastery, studying through the use of audio media and making use of the computer the learning process.


The use of the Information technology (IT) in teaching and learning has put a new aspect into the teacher resources centers conception.


Why the Establishment of Teachers Resource Centers

  • The strong link between teaching resources and the technique as well as expiration of the general sustaining and cultural function of school libraries into a very crucial, perfectly planned function to attain the technique and its purposes.


  • The book and on paper materials has turned out not to be the only means of information dissemination.


  • To enhance the expansion of learning theories, global drifts to individual learning, considering individual differences, turn the student into the league of learning process, and to alter the job of a teacher to that of a leader and facilitator of the education process.


  • Teacher resources centers focus on combination of educational materials, information and communication technologies with instructive observation inside centers.


  • To help and support teachers, analyze education needs, conduct test with the help of various educational approaches, evaluate student performances, review staff improvement requirements and plans, and educate additional school personnel in efficient educational approaches.


  • Teachers resources centers make available  exhibition  and  instruction  ground where  teachers are educated, especially to be able to make use of  computers  as  teaching  aids;  the decisive factor  for  school  achievement  and   the use  of  computer tools and software; and the assessment of computer-associated materials.


  • It also assists to build up and fabricate prospectus and curricular materials intended to meet the learning needs of students being attended to via the use of instructive investigation or fresh or advanced strategies, norms, and techniques.


  • Teacher resource centers also offer education to perk up the skills of teachers to assist them to meet the unique learning needs of the students, and to make the teachers more familiar with developments in set of courses production and educational investigating.


  • The aim is also to make available a place where teachers are able to contribute to resources, ideas, techniques and approaches unswervingly connected to classroom teaching and turn out to be recognizable with contemporary teaching materials and products for classroom use.


  • Teacher resources centers also is a center where teachers and other educational personnel are retrained to make improve their knowledge and make them better qualified to teach their respective subjects especially in mathematics, science and computer technology disciplines.


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