Roles of Teachers on Education: The Significance of Teachers and Their Works in Advancement of Any Nation


The roles of teachers towards the development of any nation can never be overemphasized. Teachers build up good ethical principles and obedience in pupils and students, they help to shape and re-shape the characters of children under them, motivates and inculcate skills/ knowledge and build up personalities in a country both psychologically, bodily, expressively, publicly and very importantly spiritually following the primary objectives, principles, norms, way of life, plans, strategies rules/regulations guiding the country.


These result to well-organized administration, successful contribution of the people in the administration; decrease in illiteracy, ethical profligacy, fraud, transgression and disarrangement.


Teachers’ roles of supporting the public and her aims, ideas, norms, high-quality morals, attitude, guidelines, ideologies and regulations cannot be easily attained.


For it to be attained, the teachers must cautiously and cleverly instruct the students to observe the rules and regulations of the country. Also to be effective and productive as teachers, it is essential and pertinent that they follow the leading teaching codes and rules for teaching career discussed below:


  • Intellectual, cautious and sufficient groundwork for lessons. This means that they must know very well the topic they will teach the students or the pupils and must be able to present the course to the students/pupils in a simple and non-technical way for easy comprehension.


  •  They must also lay down education goals that the students and pupils  must meet within a given length of time and with the intention of fulfilling and meeting up with the objectives, values, traditions, ways of life, guidelines, ideology and laws  governing the country or the society.
  • Inspection of the growth or development of the students and the pupils through effective mentoring of the pupils and students and assisting them to learn successfully. The teachers must also consider teaching the students in a group as well as each person in isolation on the best approach to be taken to achieve the aims and rules of the community and the nation at large.


  •  It is of significant importance that teachers’ live exemplary life by being good promoters and good advocates of communal and governmental rules and regulations. The students will learn more through teachers’ positive attitudes and behaviors than just by mere words of theirs. Unfortunately most teachers are devious and ill-mannered and would in turn transfer such evil lives and attitudes to the pupils and students.

One of the principal negative influences and setbacks to the advancement of the 3rd world countries, Nigeria inclusive is mismanaged educational system. We don’t need any prophet to deduce from the poor academic performance of students especially in external exams that Nigeria educational system has been poorly managed and the standard is degrading systematically on a constant basis.


This has resulted to, many prominent men in the country studying outside the country forcing the less affluent who cannot afford the cost of training abroad to “eat what is presented before their table.” Sadly, most graduates of Nigerian Universities cannot compete with graduates from other countries of the world and can be rightfully compared to secondary school graduates from those countries.


What a woeful situation we are heading to if the situation is not remedied!  A fresh geometric data published revealed that 72% of graduates from Nigeria universities cannot be offered employment as they lack the skills and knowledge need for their areas of employment.


Students in Nigeria now places higher value on paper qualification than making sure that they actually gain the knowledge and expertise that their respective courses suppose to give them.


This has resulted to students going to any length to obtain paper qualifications. Just memorizing data, assumptions and rules regarding any course of studies is inadequate but actually studying and understanding the compositions of those courses, which are the core issue, ought to be given priority attention.


The deprived standard of education within the country today could be linked to either inadequate government or that the academic instructive aims, rules, objectives, or the school syllabuses are unsatisfactory and inadequate.


Actually, some of the books, systems and techniques in use in Nigeria today are out of date materials and ideas imported from other countries of the world. These must be looked into, re-considered and adequate amendments made.


Again, the governments need to pay particular attention to the importance/roles of teachers to the nation’s educational standard. This being the case, the teachers must be given proper and adequate remuneration for their work.


The government must also provide and update School facilities for improved training and academic performance. When these are catered for, corruption in the schools will highly minimize.


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