My School Teacher I would never forget: Teachers are so special


Is there anything that teachers can do to help advance students when they face challenges instead of being overwhelmed by them? Why is it that many students appear to crumble when they get to junior high or middle school? Can labeling of students as the “gifted” and “not gifted” constitute more damage than repair? Can untimely education position girls for failure? Is self-worth something that teachers are capable of or ought to “give” to students? Those are some of the questions that my good psychology teacher answered. Her teachings and words on learning, teaching and intelligence is a must read for all students and teachers. See some of her words and instruction below:


My psychology teacher shares her taught about motivation in learning. By motivation, I mean not only the yearning to achieve but also the love of learning, the love of challenge, and the capability to flourish on hindrances. “These are the greatest gifts we can give our students”, she always says.


When my teacher was asked the direct association between student’s intelligence or abilities and expansion or cultivation of mastery-oriented qualities, her answers is a sort of baffled and motivated me a lot. These questions were thrown to her because it was observed that some students are mastery-oriented; they willingly look for challenges and dispense exertion into them while the rest are not.


My renowned teacher thinks that there isn’t any connection between students’ abilities or intelligence and the development of mastery-oriented qualities. She said that some of the very intelligent students avoid challenges, have an aversion to exertion, and droop when confronted with an impenetrability. And some of the less intelligent students are authentic achievers, flourishing on confrontations, keeping it up deeply when things get tricky, and achieving more than you anticipated.


I became really fascinated me from the onset, I became aware that being mastery oriented is a thing of the mind and not of ability or intelligence. This means when you set your mind to achieve something, no matter how difficult it may be, you will definitely get there.


She therefore taught us that students who are mastery-oriented considers more about learning, not about  showing off how clever they are. When therefore they encounter an obstacle rather thinking of how incapable they are, they think more of the efforts they can put or the strategy they will use proving how smart they are.


She also mentioned that teachers have a role to play to help students become more and more masterly oriented. Teachers ought to pay more attention to the efforts of students and not their achievement. When the students perform well, the teachers should praise their efforts and procedures and not the success in itself or their cleverness. As opposed to well-known public opinion, praising the intelligence of the students makes them extraordinarily concerned about how intelligent they are as well as makes them very susceptible to failure.


On the contrary, when the students fail, teachers should concentrate more on their efforts and procedures, what they did well and what they didn’t do well in. How they could correct their mistake to avoid making such mistake in the future. When teachers implements this she said, it would go a long way towards helping the society to produce more mastery oriented students who are not terrified in the presence of problem or difficulty.


She further mentioned that it is the onus of  teachers to make students to value efforts rather than being joyful of excelling in an easy task, a teacher should make them to embrace a the challenge of a more difficult task, working out by themselves , means and strategies to get round the difficulties.


That misconception of valuing intelligence more than efforts and strategies she said is the reason why many Nigerian and Nigerian students’ today value paper qualification more than being fully acquainted with the knowledge or the skill. It is also the reason why our society today is filled with unemployable graduates. It also constitutes the reason for the corruption in the education system today leading to incessant malpractices.


Getting top grades for example is good as well as being truly acquitted with the knowledge that the paper qualification contains. They should go hand in hand and must complement each other if we hope to produce graduates that will be useful to the society especially when there are challenges.


Did you have a teacher that has inspired you or has contributed in making you the person you are today, we will like you to share your thoughts about most significant teachers that have add value to your existence.