Must Have Resources for Nigerian Teachers

Resources and Tools for Nigerian Teachers

Aside from the basic resources a teacher must have to create an enabling teaching and learning environment, he must have the below listed skills first:

  • Must know the names of all students, this shows your interest in them
  • Know any consistent trouble makers and seat them apart form each other and where you can easily observe them.
  • Stand where you can see all children clearly
  • Question children whose attention is wandering
  • Keep children profitably occupied at all times
  • Have a sense of humour
  • Treat offences in calm but firm manner
  • Praise good works and be fair
  • Use eye contact and gestures to question misbehaviours
  • Speak in clear steady tone
  • Use simple language that the students can understand
  • Know the strengths of each child and encourage them to exercise it often
  • Find out underlying factors in students that are consistently difficult to handle and satisfy their needs

The above are few necessities that help in effective handling of lessons and students in a classroom. Beyond the above listed resources, as we go on with this topic you will get more insight on other important tools and resources that are vital for teaching.

Every teacher’s goal is not just to teach but to impact knowledge that will create a favourable change in the student’s life.

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It is a circle that needs to be completed in every lesson and the teacher needs some resources to help him achieve this goal.

A Comprehensive Class Syllabus

Every teacher must have a comprehensive syllabus of the class he or she teaches, the syllabus is a run-down of subjects and topics to be taught within a specific period and class. This serves as an invaluable tool that keeps the teacher within the ability and age of learners.

An Updated Lesson Plan and Note

From the syllabus the teacher must create a weekly or daily updated lesson plan and note for his or her class by following the order of presentation in the syllabus.

This is necessary because the syllabus follows a progression from simple to complex, a teacher who fails to follow this progression may confuse the students, and make it more difficult to understand the complex part.

The lesson note guides your hourly lesson and shows a detailed outline of the steps in presentation of the lessons, as well as the materials to be used. In case of absence, another teacher can easily take your place using your lesson note and plan.

Note: lesson plan is a weekly outline of what is to be taught while lesson note is a daily plan of what is to be taught, how it will be taught and what to use as aids.

Teaching Aids and Instructional Materials

These are very vital and helps the student comprehend what is been taught, they consist of book, pictures, audios, videos, flash cards, items.

E.g. if I were to teach transportation, aside from my lesson note and oral explanation, the use of pictures of trains, cars, airplanes will help the students understand to topic better.

I can bring toys, draw them on flash cards or have it recorded in a video.

A Library of Current Factual Textbooks

 Every teacher should have a library, a personal one that consists of past and present textbooks and handbooks on their field of study.

This helps you check up facts and make references when teaching. We have today internet that has made available quite a number of sites that offer resources and help to teachers.

Regular On the Job Training

While you teach, endeavour to attend trainings and seminars regularly on your field to expand your knowledge, include new ideas to your scheme and move with the times.

The students are currently 21st century kids, if you do not get your knowledge updated to the times, you will soon become outdated and misinformed.

Expertise in Subject Matter

To teach a particular subject, you as a teacher need a high level of expertise in the given field. When picking a subject to teach, go for those you find interesting and are passionate about.

This drive and passion in you for a particular subject will radiate out to your students.

Discipline and Dedication

This is very important too, as much as the students need to be disciplined and dedicated to learning, the teacher must also be discipline and dedicated to his job.

These would include:

Coming early to he class

Attending all classes

Responding to students’ questions in a friendly manner

Preparing your lesson plan and note

Fairness to all students

Managing student’s individual differences.


I hope this piece of information will help many teachers in the course of their work with their students

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