Montessori Teacher: How to Become a Montessori Teacher

Montessori Teacher

How to Become a Montessori Teacher

The mode of teaching followed by Montessori teachers vary from the normal teaching method obtained in the school because Montessori’s teaching is student’s driven.


However, Montessori teachers must obtain certificates in their desired area of teaching just like in the conventional mode of teaching.


Montessori teachers can obtain certificates to teach infants or certificates to teach primary school pupils or be certified to teach in the secondary schools.


The Certificate to act as an infant Montessori teacher also qualifies one to be a Montessori teacher assistant in the school classroom.


Montessori teacher who get primary certification would normally teach children within the age 3-6 and teachers who get elementary certification would normally teach children within the age of 6-12.


The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) is accepted worldwide as the accrediting agency for Montessori educational training. If you want to move into a career in Montessori’s teaching, try the following suggestions which will guide you and ensure that you get the best out of your training and study.


1. Graduate college with a bachelor’s degree.

Most Montessori’s teachers programs don’t spell out a student undergraduate degree subject but having an undergraduate degree in education, communication, arts, English, math or science is highly advisable and would benefit the teacher immensely.


Montessori training centers nevertheless prefers a situation where the students for the training would come from different educational background.


They would normally train students with degrees in art, nursing, anthropology and architecture. The most essential thing for the teacher is to have a degree.


2. Endeavor to research on accredited Montessori training centers

Before enrolling to study in any Montessori center ensure that the Montessori teacher’s training center is accredited.


You could find out whether a center is accredited or not by looking through the AMI website

You can as well find out from the site the application requirement of a particular Montessori’s training center you want to get enrolled in.


Their requirements varies but on the average you would normally be required to provide reference, transcripts from post primary institutions you have attended an, essay plus the history of your work and employment.


3. Make application for the primary diploma for a start, even if your intention is to be an elementary Montessori teacher.

AMI schools necessitates that students obtain the primary diploma, which is a proof that they can teach children between the age of 3-6 before the student is allowed to enroll into the elementary Montessori  teacher’s program.


The only short cut that you could take to avoid taking the primary diploma is to enroll in a rigorous summer introductory course that covers everything that you ought to do in primary Montessori’s teaching.


4. Endeavor to select an academic agenda that suits your needs.

The majority of the Montessori schools plan classes across 3 summer sessions.


This implies that you need 3 years to finish your first diploma. If your intention is to graduate within a year, you would better enroll in a school that offers only one academic year plan instead of the summer sessions.


5. Endeavor to Complete the Montessori teachers training program

Montessori teacher’s training would normally consist of 1,200 hours of instruction, separated up by units. Lectures are mostly composed of units.


You should endeavor to illustrate your capacity to develop Montessori materials for every subject you enroll. Participating in classroom explanation and directed teaching is very crucial. Ensure you complete the practical teachings and workshops during the last semester.


6. Obtain your diploma

You would only be able to obtain your diploma after you must have finished all your exams at the training center both oral and written.


The exams would normally embrace all the training given to you to show that you are now skilled and qualified to manage the inter-corrective techniques of Montessori training.


7. Now with your certificate you could start applying to teach as a Montessori’s teacher

While doing job hunting, you should look at the type of teachers that are advertized wanted.


Often schools that are in need of Montessori’s teacher would normally indicate it in their advertisement.

You are advised to ensure that the any Montessori’s training center you enroll in is an accredited institution by the Association Montessori Internationale.


After you have worked for 3-5 years as a Montessori’s teacher you could apply to the AMI to become a Montessori’s teacher’s trainer who is qualified to train other teachers.


Montessori distance education is not advised. Many Montessori’s schools have complained to the Montessori organizations on the poor quality of distance learned graduate teachers they employed. Sole Montessori’s teacher’s training is no longer recommended.


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