How to Write a Lesson Plan for Nigerian Teachers

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How to Write a Lesson Plan

Lesson plan serves as a guide to teacher’s class objectives. It is much different from a lesson note, in that the lesson note is the knowledge you want to pass to the students while lesson plan is the steps you want to use in achieving the set goal and successfully impacting to the students a positive change.


It is much easier to accomplish your objectives if you have plan how to achieve them. It’s a very simple process and below you will find a step by step process. With a lesson plan template which can be found online you can just fill in the blank spaces.


On an average it will take between 1 – 4 hours to prepare a lesson plan.


Things You Will Need To Prepare a Lesson Plan

  • A paper or lesson planner
  • Pen
  • Textbooks
  • List of Available Lab Materials (if needed)


Steps to Planning a Lesson Plan


Outline Your Goals

Write down any goals you hope to achieve through the lesson, are there certain concepts you will be teaching? What do you want the students to gain by the end of the lesson?


Pick a Teaching Method

After deciding what to teach, now you select the teaching method that suits the subject/topic. It is going to be a lab exercise, lecture or demonstration? Will the students be in groups or individually?


Vocabulary Terms

Write down the list of vocabulary terms associated with your lesson and their meaning so you can teach the students as you go along.


Outline Your Teaching Steps and Materials

If you already have the materials to be used then this step is simple but if you haven’t develop them. List out your materials to be used and describe each step needed to complete the task. E.g. if you are teaching chemistry, make a list of the chemicals, instruments and how each task will be accomplish.


Make Your Introduction

The introduction to your lesson plan will include a statement of objectives, kind of assessment to be carried out, background information and procedure to be followed.



Decide how to assess the students at the end of the lesson; will they have a take – home assignment, class work? How can the students practice what they have learnt and if you will be grading the lesson.


After Lesson

What will happen after the lesson, will the students have to clean up the lesson area, or they would have to complete a certain task before dispersing. Will you be giving them an assignment if yes, when will they have to turn it in. here it ends?


You have successfully created a lesson plan and the same method can be followed for any subject in any level. This lesson plan guides you all through so you don’t have to worry about what to do next during the lesson. Also another teacher can step in for you and do it well using your already created lesson plan. It makes the job easier.


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