How Nigerian Teachers Can Use Blog To Teach Their Students

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Using Blog To Teach in Nigeria

Reading and writing is a form of education that help students to improve in their writing skills. Writing for yourself or your teacher is good on itself but publishing your written work for people to comment, criticize and read poses some challenge for students.


Blog is a web content management system that helps in information sharing. This functionality can be exploited by Nigerian teachers with their students in classroom. As a teacher, classroom blog is use to understand how your students can articulate, analyze and write a blog post about different issues.


The blog post can range from genre topic, personal experience, activities in classroom and daily diary. By setting out guideline and rules, your students will learn how to proof-read and preview their works before publishing.


Other students are encourage to leave a positive comment, feedback and constructive argument on each post. It will help to increase inter-classroom communication between students and help them learn from each other.


There are free available blog publishing software you can use and many blogs are self hosted. There are many companies that provide free hosting for education and classroom blog. You can check out blogging platforms like blogger, wordpress, 21classes and edublogs


Depending on the grade of students you teach, most of all the blogging platform have different privacy and security settings. You can restrict external contribution outside of the class from writing post or comment. You can also use a filter mechanism to filters all post and comment before publishing.


Using blog as a form of teaching can give your students’ parent the opportunity to see what is going on in your class with their kids.


Classroom blog can be used to inform students of class requirements, handouts, notices, and homework assignments, or act as a question and answer board.


Many Blog platform are very easy to learn and use. Depending on the blog platform you choose you should make sure that your students understand how to use it. You can also refer them to “getting started manual” for the chosen blog.


I will like to hear your thought on this topic as a teacher. Have you used a classroom blog before in your class or are you planning to give it a try? please kindly share your experience and thought.


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