5 Teaching Tools Nigerian Teachers Can Use in Classroom

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The way we teach is changing due to changes in technology. In order for us as teachers to stay on top of our game and help our students understand the concepts in their study curriculum, there is need to supplement our traditional teaching methods with technology.


There are many educational and teaching technological tools out there for teachers. They all have their advantages and disadvantages but I am going to emphasize on 5 teaching tools every Nigerian teacher should use in classroom.


The importance of teaching aids cannot be over emphasized. The use of teaching tools in classroom make teaching more interesting and it clears confusion students may have most especially when using visual, audio or interactive teaching tools.  Good teaching tools motive students in learning and each student can follow a pace parallel to his or her comprehensive ability.


One of the downside of adopting the use of technologies in many schools in Nigeria can be attributed to interrupted power supply, lack of internet availability in many schools, non-existences of technology teachers in some schools and many more.


Whatever may be the case, using these listed teaching tools will go a long away in helping you to impact a sound knowledge to your students.



Blackboard is an outstanding tool for every teacher. It comes with full packed features without leaving anything out. Teachers can use this tool to share assignments with their students, upload grades, display new tasks and communicate with students in different manners.


Students can easily check review on their works, check their grade and can upload finished assignment to the teacher. The interface is so amazing. It is very use to find your way around and start using it with your class.



Engrade is a powerful online grading tool for students. It gathers all your grades in one place and helps you monitor your grades. You can input and customize the tool whichever way you want and you can add or edit results on the fly. Students can download their grades or share it with anybody through email.


The Plagiarism Checker 

This is another tool that will make your life easy. Teachers can use plagiarism checkers to see if submitted works from their students were copied from anywhere on the internet. It is very easy to use. You can just copy a paragraph from the work and paste it on the plagiarism checker text input form and submit. The result will come with information whether or not that particular piece was copied or not.



Dreambox is a visual and interactive learning tool for teachers and educator. It is a free teaching tool for interactive whiteboards and it develops students’ mathematical and analytical thinking. These high-quality virtual manipulative tools help teachers connect students with great ways to make sense of math. Use these tools to create an environment for students to explain, discuss, and defend their mathematical thinking.


Poll Everywhere

Poll everywhere is an instant and real-time tool that teachers can you to get a quick feedback from students on certain questions. Students can response to the poll immediate using their mobile devices and the time for the feedback can be regulated.


There are many other important teaching tools available for Nigerian teachers to use in classroom but you should understand that some of these teaching tools are paid tools while others are free. Make sure you read the licensing before you start using them.


If there are other teaching tools you have used in your classroom that were not listed here, you can let us know or you can share it with other teachers here.


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