5 Reasons Why Teachers Deserve Good Treatment in Nigeria

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Do Nigerian teachers deserve better treatment? In this post the writer specifically pointed out why teachers in Nigeria deserve good treatment. Are you a teacher working in Nigeria or in education administration in Nigeria? We will like to read your opinion on this very issue. Before you start with the conversation, make sure you have done reading this article.


To prevent the devastating effect on Nigeria’s education system

There have been a lot of records of strike actions by teachers whenever the government fails to meet certain agreement with them. During those periods of strike actions by the teachers, the pupils and students generally misses their lessons and lectures.


This on the long run affects the academic performance of the students. The leaders as well as citizens of the country constantly complain about the country’s deteriorating standards yet little is being done to find a solution to the problems that are affecting the educational sector of the country.


To enhance the role education plays in national development

Given the essential role that education plays in the development of the nation, and the works of teachers in nurturing the minds and hearts of the future hope of the country, the teachers undoubtedly deserves better treatment than what they are getting today in the country.


There is no doubt that when the teachers are giving a better treatment , they will be happy/ be more dedicated to their work and that will at the long run impact positively on our children and society at large,


To meet up and compete favorably with other professionals round the world

Proportional study of nations provides a structure with which to calculate the value system of a society and how it affects the operational conditions and efficiency of the people.


Some societies have high-quality value system and others don’t. There are a lot of problems facing Nigeria today but non-payment or postponement of the payment of teacher’s salaries and other benefits are unfathomable. We can’t expect the teachers to do magic and improve the education system of their country and to enhance the country’s development on the long-run if we neglect the teacher’s salaries and remunerations.


You wouldn’t expect the teachers and their families to be dying of hunger and starvation while they happily make their contribution to the nation’s development would you?


In order to ensure equitability of social justice with the country

In developed and civilized countries, teachers receive their monthly salaries as at when due just like every other civil servants. They don’t have to beg for their salaries because they need it for their survival.


To shun social injustice, the government must take it as onus on them to ensure that the teachers receive their remuneration as at when due in order to ensure that the nation does not lag behind in the march of the global community towards excellence and advancement holistically.


Where there is economic boom every citizen of the country must benefit from the national cake and when there is an economic down-turn people will understand why they have to go through difficulties. The government officials must not only be concerned about how to embezzle money and how to make sure they remain in power.


They must have their citizen’s interest at heart and must work together with all to ensure the growth and development of the country.


To boost the morale of teachers and ensure that the future generation still find the teaching job attractive and a necessity

The difficulty of Nigeria’s teachers is deplorable; a lot of them have died of starvation, diseases, and out of aggravation.


In fact, the educational system in the country has turned many of the teachers into beggars and destitute! Several of those who worked all their lives could not possess a house of their own to retire into since they have joined the ranks of the working poor.


Teachers have engaged in different kings of corruptions to make ends meet as a result of these shabby treatments. Most use the school hours to engage in other business activities while some engage in exam malpractices and so on to ensure that they make a living.


For the sake of our future generation, the betterment of the teachers’ life and welfare, the development of the nation and for Nigeria to join the League of Nations in the global match to civilization, our leaders must begin to look critically at the treatment they give to teachers.


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