8 Concrete Preparations for Nigerian Teachers before September School Resumption

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8 concrete preparations for Nigerian Teachers before September school resumption

It is no longer news when primary and secondary schools in Nigeria will start new academic section. If you miss the news about school resumption in Nigeria, this is a brief recap.  Due to the outbreak of Ebola virus in Nigeria,the Federal Ministry of Education in collaboration with State Ministry of Education came to a decision to postpone primary and secondary school resumption date  from September to October.


But early last week, there is indication that the ebola virus has been contained in Nigeria and the Ministry of Education agreed that instead of the initial October resumption of primary and secondary schools in Nigeria, schools will now start on the 22nd of September.


Now is the time to start making preparation for the start of the new school year. Starting a new academic year can be challenging if you are a new teacher with no previous experience in teaching. For experienced teachers, it is important to have a kind of checklist about things you have to do or put in place before your first day in school.


If you are a teacher in Nigeria moving to a new school, you should understand the initial preparation you have to make before your first day in school.


I am going to walk you through a list of things to fix before you first day in school.


8 concrete preparations for Nigerian Teachers before September school resumption


1. Read and Understand the School Policies

This might not strike a chord to you if you have been with a school for long but for first time teachers in a new school, this is the time you should use to read and understand the school policies. This is very important. Don’t put yourself in a position where you will assume since it is done this way in my old school that the rules will be the same. Understand that school policies vary from school to school. Wrap your head over it to avoid future mistakes.


  2. Know your Standards / Curriculum

If you do not have any education qualification degree before taking up a teaching job in either public and private school in Nigeria, it is important you take time to do your research to understand important terms that you should know about teaching. Standards and Curriculum are essential tools that both private and public schools use. Understanding standards and curriculum will help you design your lesson notes and lesson plan in accordance to expected learning outcomes.


3. Create Detailed Lesson Plans

Lesson plan is a live wire in teaching. With a detailed lesson plan you will see how easy it will become to communication and teach your students effectively. Many first time teachers and even experienced teachers struggle with how to make a good and well detailed lesson note. I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to make a lesson note. It has generated lots of positive comments. Find it here if you need guide on how to write a lesson note.


4. Grading System

Yes I mean grading system. You should find out the kind of grading system your school is using. Some schools have their own custom grading system application why many public schools in Nigeria still use the old result sheet. Find out if you are free to use any software or application of your choice in your school. There are many free and paid cloud-based application out there that you can use for grading results and it will make your life very enjoyable.


5. Structure Your File System

I have seen many teachers who have well organize file system and in the long run it make managing papers and other important sheet better. You can learn how you can make a well organize and proper file / folder structure for documentation and filling important papers here.


6. Familiarize Yourself With the School

This is for new teachers in a new school. You can arrange with the administrator of the school a day or two before school resumption for a walk through around the school. This is a way of familiarizing yourself with the environment and other amenities that the school have.


7. Classroom Organization and Decoration

Some private schools in Nigeria allow their teachers to come few day before school resumption to organize and decorate their classroom. It is a bad idea to start decorating and arranging your classroom when your students have already arrived and should have been seated.

There are different kind of seating arrangement. Although I cannot say which one is the best but I will suggest you use seating arrangement you like the most.


8.Shopping for Yourself

Yeah, I know you have been waiting to see shopping. Everybody likes shopping. It is time to go shopping and get befitting dresses that will be use in your classroom. You should not go over-board about this. If you are a new teacher you should seek advice from other teachers to understand the kind of outfit you will be using in school.


This is not a complete list of all you have to do before the new school year but at least this will give your some important idea about things to consider.


If you have any suggestion or any  important information that is missing in this list, I will be glad to hear from you.


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