Nigerian Parents in diaspora

Great Parenting tips for Nigerian Parents! It works!

Great Parenting tips! It works! Parenting is one job that never takes a holiday vacation. Here are  tips to help you educate your child and guide them into adulthood:   1. ... Continue Reading →
Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Lagos

What tools have helped you improve as a teacher?

What tools have helped you improve as a teacher? The easiest free “tool” for improving your teaching permanently, right here, right now, and until the day you retire ... Continue Reading →

WAEC and JAMB Biology 7 : Tissues and supporting system

Tissues and supporting system In biology, tissue is a cellular organizational level that is midway between cells and a complete multicellular organism. A tissue is a collection ... Continue Reading →

Guide on How to Write a Thesis

Thesis Abstract Your abstract should encapsulate the whole thesis. A common error people make in abstract is summarizing just the first chapter and saying nothing about the ... Continue Reading →
Federal Unity Colleges Admission List 2014

How to Get Involved in Your Child’s Elementary Math

Elementary Math For Your Child Parents can actually get fully involved in the elementary math of their kids. This is because every parent has a magnificent opportunity to take ... Continue Reading →
Radiology Education

Radiology Education: How to Become a Radiologist

Radiology Education In order to become a radiologist you have to undergo radiology education. Radiologists are medical doctors who make use of advanced imaging technology to ... Continue Reading →

Math Games Online: The Advantages of Using Math Games in Teaching and Learning

Math Games Online Every child likes to play games. It has been proved that math games online apart from being fun can be as well be used as a productive tools in children learning ... Continue Reading →

Innovative Math Lessons: Effective Teaching Tools of Math Lesson and Teaching

Innovative Math Lessons Pioneering educators recognize that math lessons don’t need to be mind-numbing or nonfigurative. There are many new ideas for making your math ... Continue Reading →
Teaching Materials

Teaching Materials: Why Teaching Materials Are Essential

Why Teaching Materials Are Essential Teachers and educators make use of teaching materials otherwise known as teaching aids to pass on knowledge and information on their students, ... Continue Reading →

Teaching with Technology

Teaching with Technology Teaching with technology involves being up to date on the most modern tools as well as knowing how to effectively integrate the best tools into your ... Continue Reading →
Education and Technology

Education and Technology: The Concept of Educational Technology and Educational Technologist

Education and Technology Education and technology can sometimes be referred to EdTech. It is the learning of and principled performance of facilitating e-learning which is ... Continue Reading →
Educational Materials

Educational Materials? What the Open Educational Resources (OER) Hoped to Achieve

What are Educational Materials Educational materials are resources used at any level of training and education. There are educational materials that are meant for kindergarten, ... Continue Reading →

  We are witnessing a new trend in software development due to the new opportunities this area has offers the world at large.   Many people are moving into computer ... Continue Reading →

How to Encourage Entrepreneurship in Nigeria Schools

Just like our conversion school curriculum in Nigeria, graduating from school entails passing all your courses and this can be achieving by simple studying your course works ... Continue Reading →
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