teaching tools

5 Teaching Tools Nigerian Teachers Can Use in Classroom

The way we teach is changing due to changes in technology. In order for us as teachers to stay on top of our game and help our students understand the concepts in their study ... Continue Reading →
federal unity colleges in Nigeria

5 Reasons Why Teachers Deserve Good Treatment in Nigeria

Do Nigerian teachers deserve better treatment? In this post the writer specifically pointed out why teachers in Nigeria deserve good treatment. Are you a teacher working in ... Continue Reading →

10 Things Every New Teacher in Nigeria Should Know Before Starting a New Teaching Job in Nigeria

Nigeria education system we all know for a long time now has been on the down turn. There is public outcry that something ought to be done now to revive the fallen standard ... Continue Reading →

How to Write a Lesson Plan for Nigerian Teachers

How to Write a Lesson Plan Lesson plan serves as a guide to teacher’s class objectives. It is much different from a lesson note, in that the lesson note is the knowledge ... Continue Reading →

Must Have Resources for Nigerian Teachers

Resources and Tools for Nigerian Teachers Aside from the basic resources a teacher must have to create an enabling teaching and learning environment, he must have the below ... Continue Reading →

The Role and Importance of Teaching Aids for Nigerian Teachers

Role and Importance of Teaching Aids The process of teaching and learning largely depends on the available teaching materials. Today there are a wide range of teaching aids ... Continue Reading →
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