Students Spends 12 years In School For A Four Year Cours

Overcome Crisis In Your Life

Is Part Of  The Process For Success “Crisis is When Change is Yelling to Happen.” – Robert Kiyosaki It is a known fact that if you do nothing, absolutely ... Continue Reading →
waec chemistry question and solution

WAEC Chemistry Question and Solution 4

WAEC Chemistry Question and Solution 4 (a) State Le Chatelier’s principle (b) Use Le Chatelier’s principle to deduce the conditions that favour a high yield of ... Continue Reading →

WAEC and JAMB Biology 7 : Tissues and supporting system

Tissues and supporting system In biology, tissue is a cellular organizational level that is midway between cells and a complete multicellular organism. A tissue is a collection ... Continue Reading →
Cells in their Environment

WAEC and JAMB Biology 3: Cells in their Environment

The Cells in their Environment-Physical and Biophysical Processes Substances can move into and out of a cell through its semi-permeable cell membrane. There are three different ... Continue Reading →

WAEC and JAMB Government : Pressure Groups

Pressure Groups A pressure group may be a cluster of people with similar ideas and hope to influence (put pressure on) government on a specific issue.   They are not interested ... Continue Reading →
excretory systems

Biology Lesson 5: Excretory Systems and Mechanisms

Excretory Systems Excretion is a process whereby waste products of metabolism and non useful materials are removed from a living organism. For vertebrates, excretion is carried ... Continue Reading →

Elementary Teachers Must Have Attributes

Elementary Teachers Elementary Teachers are those with certain attributes. For seasoned elementary teachers, there is no better job than teaching little kids.   Career ... Continue Reading →
School Debate

35 Debate Topics for Junior and Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Debate Topics in Nigeria Having debates in schools are informative and educative. Educational debate is advancing with new trends in the world. We have seen huge advancement ... Continue Reading →

Pressure To Get Married In Nigeria – How To Deal With It

“I graduated five years ago from university. Immediately after my National Service (NYSC) I got a job with one of Nigerian leading banks. Life has been good but since few years ago, ... Continue Reading →
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