When to say Goodbye to your Marriage?

“I might be one of those who had lost word about our existence and life challenging’s. I was made to believe that human beings are special creature. I loved my life before, my wonderful family and amazing friends that I had made. Without them I could not have been alive today. I am dying in humiliation. Sometimes I feel like committing suicide.
My life was beautiful before and I have always been a fun loving girl in my university days. Beside I came from a home with virtue and a good upbringing. I wish I could turn back the hand of time and see myself smile again from deep inside me.
During my National service year, I meet my husband who was a loving, charm and amazing guy. One thing led to the other and we got married for the love we had for each other. In our first three years of marriage, we were happy but all of a sudden; the solid foundation we built started cracking.
One fateful day my husband came back pretending as if he was sad, I asked to know what the issue was. I had to ask him repeatedly, he told me that another girl was carrying his baby. This was the last thing that I expected to hear from. I could hear my heart jumping out of my body. I stood speechless for a moment without knowing what to do or say. I trusted him and could not believe he could cheat on me much less impregnating a girl.
The whole problem started when his family told me that they have waited for me close to three year to give them a child and they are vindicated that the problem is not from their son. My husband has changed; he does not see anything good in me again. Whenever I hear him coming home my whole self is covered with fear. I cry every day because this was not the kind of marriage I wish for myself but I have decided with support from my close friends and family that I cannot continue to live under this condition”.
This is one of the typical situations most people live in their marriage. Should you cut your life short because of your marriage? Are you willing to throw away everything you believe in because of your marriage?
Life is not a bed of roses so also marriage. It is important to draw a boundary before even going into marriage. The boundary should be one of the values you should hold on, no matter the situation. Never or do not let your partner go beyond these boundaries. This is might not go down well with people who strongly hold their religious and moral belief to heart. Yeah in Christianity, one of the tenets of marriage enshrine in sacrament of matrimony is for better for worst. The meaning of these words is so deep that we all interpret it differently. Nonetheless and no matter what you believe in you should not give away your precious life because you want to turn around a marriage that is not working and might not definitely work.
Always strive to be who you want to be. One misconception that people have is feeling that your partner should be there to make you happy. Happiness should come within you.
Walking away or dying in your marriage boils down to individual decision but before considering walking away make sure that you have seek professional help from marriage counselor. After all you options fail it will always get to a point of decision. As they say, he who wears the shoe knows where it pinches.

Have you find yourself in this situation for once? Share your experience with others

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