Secret Cult in Nigerian Universities: Why We Die Rather Than Graduate

Cultism in Nigerian Universities

Nigerian universities have been in the fore front of promoting education, diversity and research. More work need to be done to actualize these aims.

Most universities in Nigeria have been cut-up with the ugly menace of secret cult activities among students.

Secret cult as we all know has eaten deep into the fabrics and foundation on which our universities were built. Not just what it has done to the tenets of our educational structure nonetheless it has left many young, ambition and talented students dead and others in serious injuries that threats their own existence in life.

Whenever there is a new incident of violent attack among cult groups in Nigerian universities, yet again we are left to count the number of deaths. How did this started and how did we find ourselves in this state of helplessness?

Before I go deep,  how secret cult, brotherhood or fraternity came into been in our universities or its history might be important but those believed to be the founding fathers of this cult group felt that the initial  ideology and purpose on which it was form have been deviated and the group has taken a dangerous and dreadful path now.

The question that always come to my mind is;  in every incident of cult attack, why do we die rather than graduate? It is important to have a deep thought about this question as you keep reading.


Why They Join Secret Cult

There are many reasons why different people choose to become a member of a secret cult group. These reasons many differ from one person to the another and it is might be hard to identity the common reasons which most members share.

There have been some incidence were people are forced into becoming a member through sever threat, abuse, bullying and assault from members of a cult group.

One article about secret cult in Nigeria reported that “The major causes of cultism in tertiary institutions were influence of peer group; parental background; societal decadence; erosion of education standards; militarization of the Nigerian polity; lack of recreational facilities; quest for power and protection among others”1.

No matter what the reasons may be, think and evaluate the consequences. Not just that, when things go wrong, it will directly or indirectly affect your families and loved ones.


Good Side of Cultism

Does being a member of a secret cult group comes with advantages? This is a very tricky question and many people might argue that because secret cult activities are associated with death, the negative effect out-weight the positive effect and so there is nothing good with secret cult membership.

I am not taking any side beside I know that this type of question is like arguing about religion.

Nevertheless as our world is becoming increasingly competitive, graduating from university to face the real world is always difficult. The unemployment rate is so severe and landing your dream job might not only be based on your degree.

Many people have argue that being a member of a secret cult while in university can actually help you build a strong network of friends that might be of  great help late on in your career prospect if you connect with the right members in the group.

To  large extend it is true that network is one of the important factor you need to have as a competitive advantage over others but remember you can also build a strong network of friends without being a member of a secret cult.

Protection has been the biggest campaign strategy  many secret cult group use to lure people to become their member.  If we evaluate the said protection, it means that the protection  each cult group guarantee to their members are not 100 percent effective because many of their members have paid with their life and there is no one to protect them from their untimely death.


Bad Side of Cultism

The greatest price anyone can pay for being a member of a cult group is to die inline with their cause or believe. But why should you lose your life or takes someone else life? Why are we here in the university?

One of the main reasons why we are here in the university is to acquire knowledge that will help us become successful in life.

Most of us fought so much for our university admission; reading all night, scaling through exams like WAEC, NECO and JAMB, seeing our parents or guidance working extra to foot our educational bill and at the very time  we should use the opportunity we have to redefine who we are and create a meaningful life, some of us choose to thread in a path that usually result to death.

Depending on the level of someone’s involvement, the dangers  you face as a member might be slight different but there is no way you can run away from paying a price  as a member. The list can go as far as  being guilty of association in crimes like unlawful possession of fire arms, drug use, assault, kidnapping, robbing and much more.

Remember even as we all know what the price might be, many students who are members of different cult groups have threaded their path very carefully. They did not disclose their identity or involved themselves or carry out operations that will mark them as enemy target in revenge attack. But does it still justify their membership?

Why do secret cult activities in Nigerian universities claim more students’ lives than any other cause? Why have some students choose to die rather than graduate from university? Why have we as students made rules that involves taking another life in any slightest provocation?

We walked into the university environment one faithful day as innocent, well focus and eager to learn students but it turns out that some of us will not walk out the environment alive while some who do walk out will bear and live with the burden of being a murderer or being path of a murder crime.

Somethings we do not envisage as  serious problem today may become one tomorrow. Taking  someone’s life today as a student might become the greatest psychological and self battle you will face in life.

I do not want to judge other people decision in life but I do hope that our students should take full responsibility for their actions.

Those how started confraternity in Nigerian universities did not waste any blood while should we in almost the same circumstance and environment kill the hope of our brothers by mere disagreement we had.


What It Causes Our Families

Having a deep thought about what your actions can cause your families and loved ones can help you make a better decision. No parent will like to receive a news that their child has been killed in a violent attack by other secret cult member or that their kid is involved in carrying out such a barbaric and hideous crime.

The death of secret cult members have left many families in so much pain, agony and without a closure.

Most parents and loved ones wants the best for you, they want to see you become who you want to be, they want to grow old with you and love you all the days of their life.

Don’t let your decision leave them with unbearable pain and grieve. I wish we will all go to university and graduate.

Make the right choice today.


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