Pros and Cons of Getting married why still in Nigerian University

Getting married in Nigeria

While it is possible to marry while still in the university, it is not an ideal thing to do. Even though you would find students who get married while they are still in the university, many students prefer to postpone marriage till they have finished their degree courses.


There is nothing wrong however in getting married while you are still in the university if both of you are comfortable with it and are able to cope with the challenges of married life as well as academic life.


Is your wedding belling ringing? Do you think you are prepared to begin a married life? What of the loads of class works waiting for you in the school? Can you combine the two and be able to manage both without one choking the other? Only few students can say yes to the question. People who choose to marry while doing their undergraduate courses are many compared to those who do after their study.


For the majority, the involvedness of English and physics plus many others are sufficient, let alone adding up married life to the equation. Nevertheless, a few courageous souls are stepping up to the altar, and then struggling to cope up with the study of their books on the way to their honeymoon.


Students getting married while in college or university have a harmonizing act to carry out. The household tasks that come along with marriage are prolonged and are occasionally wearisome. Having a spouse means there’s somebody else to be worried about.


Attach this to college or university life with its 30-page term papers and unremitting professors, and you’ve got a spectacle work that’s not for unprofessional. Most times students who marry while in the school face the problem of time management.


Many testify that it is difficult to have the chance to go to the shops for groceries and also make out time for study periods. Listen to the testimony of some students:

“Sometimes I feel like Superwoman,” said Rose Ikeh at the Polytechnic studying electrical engineering. Rose has been married for three-and-a-half years and is also the mother of two boys. She said her principal thrash about between college and family life is trying not to defraud her family of her time with them.

“It’s hard to be a full mother and an entire wife when you are in college as well,” she said.


Another couple Timothy and Emma Duru are also combining married life and school. They recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary. While Timothy has held a permanent job all through their courtship and marriage, Emma has been a permanent education major at the University Of Lagos (UNILAG).


Both Timothy and Emma agree time organization has been one of their principal challenges.

“When we first got married it was hard because I was taking so many classes. I had a lot more outside responsibilities, and I stayed busy,” Emma said.



Another problem with marrying while still in the university is combining the cost of study and the cost of things needed for the smooth running of the family. Student marriages were more widespread before the sexual rebellion, when people married younger than nowadays.


Combining marriage life and student life have been altered since after the revolution but some problems continue to linger among married students. The finance continues to be a foremost distress between married students. Students are still discovering that a college or university wedding means taking finances into severe contemplation.


About thirty years ago, two head over heels in love students registered at the ABU didn’t take their vows “for richer or poorer” for granted when they married.


Kirian and Ann got married for two and a half years before they graduated with degrees in Education. Ann said they knew the monetary burden of the university could cause marital stress, so they did a lot of preparation and budgeting before taking their vows in a small church ceremony.


“It wasn’t easy, but we knew we both had to be willing to sacrifice material things for a while. No new clothes, movies or eating out,” she said.


Another woman who married recently about a year ago, narrates her experience. She said that “over the course of the year, I have gotten better at dividing my time between school and home.” She advises that it’s just a great thing couples have to work on.


So long as one of the couples has an income there is no problem. Yes university is demanding in many ways, to be combined with marriage. The same is applicable to work. Again studying would be easier when you live with a supporting husband or wife.