Is Your Kid Phobia About School? See How You Can Help

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School Phobia Among Kids in Nigeria

Fear is a negative emotion caused as a reaction to danger or anxiety. It may involve fight or withdrawal from place of expected danger and is marked by extensive bodily changes.

Fear is a common part of every child’s growing stage, most children fear things such as loud noise, sudden loss of support etc.

As a child grows up, he becomes scared of more and more things, especially when he feels alone and in unfamiliar environment. However as a parent you should note that some of such fears are based on irrational situations, most times the object or event they attach their fear to is not dangerous.

As children experience one form of fear or the other, they develop a phobia and some common phobias are:


Claustrophobia – fear of enclosed rooms

Acrophobia – fear of heights

Nyctophobia – fear of the dark

Zoophobia – fear of animals

Hydrophobia – fear of large water bodies

Photophobia – fear of light/rays

School phobia – fear of school


As a parent who is concern about his child’s education and wishes to do everything possible to give them proper education, you should not get worried or frightened when your kids express fear about going to school because it is quite natural and it does not mean they won’t like going to school. It is a temporary situation that if handled carefully won’t exceed their first month in school.





Children especially below age five do not like the feeling of being alone and among strangers: going to school for the first time and being with a group of little and big noisy strangers in a strange building is not easy to handle and who would not be scared?


Past experiences

If a child has had previous experience of been abandoned, he might feel its about to happen again and develop fear of school, he will not like school and never wish to go there, in fact the mere mention of school sends shiver down his spine.



Children are often times bullied in school by bigger or stronger kids, if a child continues having encounters with bullies in school, in no time he will develop the fear of school and dread waking up in the morning.


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Child’s Personality

Aside from the above causes of fear of school, some kids just have a personality that they always want to be close to love ones, be pampered and all. So they might not like school not because they are bullied, feel lonely or have past experiences but because they just do not want to leave home.

That is why it is important to determine the cause of your child’s fear before handling it.


How to Handle Your Child School Phobia

Most parents and guardians feel that the best way to handle fear in their ward is by ridiculing, ignoring or forcing the child into the feared environment, this is very dangerous as it could cause much more harm to the child’s life from that time to their adult life. Therefore as a parent there are approaches that will not have adverse effects on your child.



Let them observe other children in that same environment, of same age that are not afraid. For example if he fears school because he feels you won’t come back, create an avenue where he can observe other kids going to school happy and coming back home to their mummies. He would see that he can still see mummy after school.


Positive Re-conditioning

This is placing the feared situation side by side a pleasant situation. A child, who fears school because of loneliness, can be treated if he makes friends that he will enjoy playing with, so if not for anything he will want to go to school so he could play with his friend. That will give him some form of comfort till he gets over the fear.


Cognitive Restructuring

This is equipping the child with skills to gain power and control over the fear situation. If your child fears being bullied, let him know he can report to any teacher and actions will be taken, if need be go to the school yourself and ensure that the bully is handled appropriately.

Aside from that you also need to help him build confidence and self worth; these are the two main reasons he is a victim of bully. Bullies always make other kids feel less than they are and play on their weakness.

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