How to Stop Bullying

How to Stop Bullying in Nigeria

Whether you are the parent to a bully or your child is a victim to bullying in school, there are ways to remedy the situation and help your child be better and stronger.

Bullying in school is quite common and comes in different forms with varying effects on the victims as well as the bullies themselves. Now either you are a parent to a child who is regularly been bullied or you child always bully others.


  • He screams at and beats up siblings regularly
  • Flames up at slightest provocation
  • Always gets in fights with younger/smaller friends
  • Other kids are afraid of him
  • Always keeps to himself
  • Responds violently to every situation
  • Quick and anger and always acts
  • Teases and plays on the weakness of siblings/other kids

If your kids shows more than 5 of these, chances are he is a bully of will be. Being a bully doesn’t mean he’s deadly or vicious, he may just be the teasing kind but its still not a good trait as it hurts other kids.

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  • Always brings himself down e.g. ‘I can never be like them, I am so stupid, I am so ugly, I hate myself’ etc
  • Always cry when he makes a mistake
  • Is always angry especially when he gets back from school
  • Prefers to play alone than with other kids
  • He is afraid of some kids in school or around the neighbourhood
  • Shrinks away when scolded or screamed at
  • Starts crying whenever you are getting close to him with an angry face

If your child shows more than half of the signs above, it is possible someone has been bullying him and you need to act fast by identifying the culprit(s) and dealing with the situation.

The signs above are not the only signs you can see, there are other signs that can be particular to the type of bully but these are the basic ones.


The first step in eliminating traits from a bully is by IDENTIFICATION; here’s where you seek to identify the root cause of the bullying i.e. finding answers to this questions

Why does he bully

Who does he bully?

How does he bully

A child who targets females and beats them up is probably doing that because he has had a negative experience with a female or there’s a female close to him he despises and since he can’t get back at that particular one he takes it out on other females or maybe his copies the attitude from someone. There are a lot of reasons and you cannot afford to be speculative.

The second step is TALKING; if you cannot talk to you child or get him to talk to you, go see a friend someone he respects, admires or sees as a role model. If that does not get him to talk about him go see a specialist and take him through some anger management routine.

The third step after getting him to talk is REGRET; he must get to this point or he wont change, this is a point of regret and repentance, where he is sorry for those he has hurt and never wants to do it again. Some can talk but will never admit to been wrong.


Getting your child to admit he is been bullied. Some kids might not like to talk about it so it follows the same step as above. Get him to


HELP STOP IT BY; reporting to school authority, identifying the bully, notifying the bully’s parents.

HEAL YOUR CHILD; take him for counselling, talk to him on courage, self worth and defence.


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It takes much more than this but being proactive about any form of these challenge will help to eliminate its incessant occurrences.

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