How to Encourage Entrepreneurship in Nigeria Schools

entrepreneurship in Nigeria schhols

Just like our conversion school curriculum in Nigeria, graduating from school entails passing all your courses and this can be achieving by simple studying your course works and reading the required materials for your exams.


In the other hand, entrepreneurship cannot be simply achieved in school by mere reading what is required to pass an exam. It goes beyond that and involves other skills you need to survive in our today’s harsh competitive business environment.


Schools in Nigeria should focus more on key information that will happy their students achieve their set out goals in their start-up business journey. Schools should also teach students about people and people management, let them understand the challenges entrepreneurs face in real life and let them understand the necessary tools needed in evaluating decisions and planning.


They has been growing spirit of entrepreneurship among Nigeria youths in schools and getting the right information will help them in their journey to become an entrepreneur and the economy at large.


Adopt Feedback System

Walking through entrepreneurial lane for the first is always challenging. One of the important arsenals for first-timers or even experience entrepreneurs is getting a continuous feedback during product or service development.


Once you realized that your products or services are made for your customers, it will help the business grow if your products are developed through feedbacks from your target customers. As a student, there are many tools out there and even schools should provide their students with a simple and easy way to set-up a feedback system based on the product or service they are working on.


Teach Students how to Pitch their Business Idea

One of the most effective ways to pitch is to place the investment opportunity in the context of a story. Ideally, the story will focus on a problem encountered and the fact that the new idea being pitched solves this particular problem. If the investors can relate to the problem, they are more likely to invest in your business. Even if you are not interested in seeking an investment at the start of the business, it will help to learn how to present your business in a presentation irrespective of time allocated.


Guest Lectures from Entrepreneurs

There is nothing that beats hearing first-hand information from successful Entrepreneurs on how they were able to survive in the turbulent business ecosystem, the challenges they faced and how they were able to conquer these challenges and come out successful. Schools in Nigeria should make it a point of duty to organize guest lectures with Entrepreneurs and also provide their students opportunities to attend other guest lectures in many schools and events


Modifying Curriculum

Our new business environment is very dynamic and volatile and there is need for schools in Nigeria to constantly review their Entrepreneurship Curriculum in line with what is present in the real world. Some of the old case studies in many curriculums do not fit today business due to rapid changes in business environment, technologies and people; recently Haas School of Business changed its Entrepreneurship 101 class based on student feedback. They replaced the business plan requirement (which startups rarely need) with a focus on team-building, product development, and fundraising1. To stay relevant in the volatile world of startups, academic programs must focus on real-world tools, resources, and skills that will help students pass the “final exam” of starting a successful business2.


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