Causes and Effects of Bullying in Nigerian School

Bullying in Nigerian School

Bullying is when a person uses their strength or power to frighten or hurt weaker people, it can also be seen as a conscious attempt to control another person through verbal abuse using threats, harsh tones, teasing etc.

Bullying is most common in schools where the bigger boys frighten and even hurt the smaller boys. With research it has shown that the bullies sometimes are not bigger are stronger, they play on the weakness of others, claiming some sort of superiority they wish they had.

The truth about bullies is they are often times weaker inside than those they bully.


There are a lot of factors that can turn a child into a bully, when I say a child it covers from age 5 to 19, we also have adults’ bullies but that’s not the focus here.


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Looking at the present day society where, violence is everywhere even wrestling a form of bullying is considered a source of entertainment. Children grow up to feel that in this world where power and control is so important you can obtain it through violence.

In societies like ours, where men are seen as superior to women, if a young male child fails to obtain such dominance, it’s most likely he will resort to bullying.


Where there are no laid down rules on what is right or wrong, how you should treat others and strict consequences for action bullying will rule.

If children are in a school environment where there are no high standards on respect for one another.


when negative behaviours get more social recognition can positive behaviour bullying can arise. Jealousy, envy, lack or self esteem, low social skills will create feelings of bullying more successful and creative ones.


When parents bully each other as well as their children especially to gain some form of control or power they feel they lack. E.g. a father who is hardly able to cater for his family may use bullying to control and keep them under his will.

Such kids will see bullying as a means of gaining control over someone.


A child who has a history of rejection, bullying, academic failure as more likely to transfer their aggression on other kids with better lives.


Some bully because they desire some kind of power over others, whiles others may bully to show off their strength and power. Either way bullying may arise.


When school heads and teachers ignore provocative children, children who constantly mock and tease others. The victims are most likely to arise and fight back maybe not to the direct provoker but in later life and to others.

So in schools its important to correct children’s errors and misgivings against one another.

There are a lot of reasons like I said earlier why children may bully others in school and it may be verbal or violent.

Such cases of bullying are always reported by the victims. Some examples of bullying in schools are:

  • Teasing, abuse
  • Hitting, pushing
  • Making students errand boys
  • Forceful persistent obtaining of student’s money
  • Rape
  • Humiliation etc

No matter the form it comes in, the damage is the same and will only lead to more bullies so it must be stopped.


  • It destroys self esteem
  • Creates hatred
  • Leads to suicide
  • Retaliated violence
  • Aggressive personality
  • Shyness and timidity
  • Vandalism
  • Leads to murder/manslaughter
  • Drop in academic excellence
  • If proper care is not administered especially to victims of violent bullying, their careers, marriages and generation will be affected.

If you have experience bullying in the past or currently passing through this ugly situation, you can share your experience and become a voice for others.

The worst situation a times is that people who bully others that do not fully understand the effect and impact to causes to their victims.