5 Killer Ways To Make Money As A Nigerian Student

5 Ways To Make Money As A Nigerian Student

5 Killer Ways To Make Money As A Nigerian Student

Nigerian students has come to  believe that  they cannot take a step into self-development until they graduate.  Well, that notion is wrong. Here are  5  Ways To Earn Money even as a student.

All you need is a great idea and a relentless  zeal to put that great idea into action. In this article,  you will be exposed to  5 ways you can make money in the 21st century, even if you’re not yet 16 or an over 18 Nigerian student .  we have to assume that you do not  have a dime to start with! But you have a  ‘brain’   full of ideas.

Nowadays many youths especially in Nigeria,  have come to perceive that one cannot make money outside internet scam (yahoo-yahoo), armed robbery, kidnapping, etc. The truth is; money lies waiting out there but you lack the idea and even when most times, you have the idea, you prefer the “get-rich-quick-method” that never works!

Nevertheless, here are 5 ways to make money as a student;


1. Advertise and Share Your Experience

It doesn’t matter how young you are. We all have the skillfulness to do   something, even if that something is simply being ourselves. We all live unique lives and we all have significant  stories to tell.

Spread the word about your skills by writing articles on the subject for your local newspapers or even some kind of social club in your school. Write about the subject of your business.

Write about your own experiences starting the business. Usually small local newspapers are looking for filler content. With just a single publication credit, you will instantly  become known as an expert at whatever you do.

You may even get paid a few bank notes or more for your efforts, though that isn’t the point. The point is to get more free advertising for your business by writing about what you know best – you and all that you are up to.

2. Technology/Telecommunications Training and Consultancy

Now this may  sound so aerial and complicated , but it isn’t. As a youth, you possess  natural abilities to work with computers.

This  may seem like a second nature to you but on the other hand, an extremely tremendous  and valuable skill  to people of older generations who didn’t grow up with all these contemporary  technology in their homes.

You’d be surprised how many people older than you don’t know how to make a web page (or maybe you wouldn’t be surprised). The point is, even if you can do it in your sleep, there are people who will pay you big bucks to teach them how to do it, or to do it for them.

YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, and all the other social networking and bookmarking sites as well as blogs, newsletters  are the new media. And guess who the experts are in this new media?

That’s right – you are! And as a related bonus tip, you can even offer a free course for small business-people at your local library on the importance of having online presence, and then at the end of the class offer to sell your expertise to build their pages. Give them a discount if they order your services on that day.


3. Take Odd Jobs

Yea, that’s right! Random odd jobs like cutting grass, raking leaves, car washing, house cleaning, shoveling, tutoring junior students  etc. may not be the most exotic, novel, or interesting forms of making money, but they’ve been around forever for a very good reason – because they work.

This type of work may not be directly related to your business or business idea, but you can take heart that the entire time you’re toiling away at some seemingly boring task for some extra naira, what you are really doing is serving a much higher purpose which is raising valuable funds for your business’s success.


4. Enter Competitions

Enter business plan competitions such as Rookie, sponsored by Vanguard Newspaper and Chisco Transport. All sorts of contests and competitions exist for young budding entrepreneurs, and the cash or scholarship prizes you may receive are only half the benefit.

The other half is the name recognition you can carry with you into your thriving  business life as being the chosen winner amongst all the many entrants in such illustrious, business-related competitions.


5. Solicit for Advertisers and Sponsors

Inquire about sponsors and advertisers for your product or service. For instance, sell advertising space on the handbills, billboards and  websites you put out there to promote your own business.

The advertising funds you generate will pay for the production, printing, distribution, etc. of your own promotions, essentially making it free advertising for you!

Recall that all it takes is a little innovation and a willingness to make it work. Problems equal opportunities so be resourceful and creative by solving the dilemmas that exist around you, and before you know it you’ll have solved the problem of being poor and well on the way to your well-deserved riches.

Dazey Ezekwereogu
Content Curator and Editor-in-Chief at toscanyacademy.com. Contact Dazey with the following email address dazey[@]toscanyacademy.com


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