When Your Child Drop-Out of School without letting You Know

school drop-out in Nigeria

Here is one more thought to go along with yours. My friend’s child tried the same thing and she told him that she is not required by law to provide him any of life’s pleasant things either, if he didn’t want to go to school, which by law he must or she could be responsible for it. She took away everything in his room, including the door, and left him with his clothes and a bed. When he shrieked at her she told him to call the Police. He did not last long and she asked him to get a better attitude. She explained to him that sending him to school was out of the love she had for him. She didn’t do it out of hatred even though she‘d prefer not to do what she did, she wanted to show him a tough love and to make him realize how serious she could be.


When such thing happens to you, you need to calmly ask your child what is his reason for dropping out of school. There are many reasons why kids drop out of school. Such reasons may include the following:


Reasons young people give for dropping out


  • Didn’t like school in general or the school they were attending


  • Were failing, getting poor grades, or couldn’t keep up with school work


  • Didn’t get along with teachers and/or students


  • Had disciplinary problems, were suspended, or expelled


  • Didn’t feel safe in school


  • Got a job, had a family to support, or had trouble managing both school and work


  • Got married, got pregnant, or became a parent


  • Had a drug or alcohol problem


  • Were being bullied by teachers or students


  • They might have been finding it difficult to cope with teasing etc


The first thing you will do is to try to address the problem or the root cause of why they want to drop out of school.


If it is a genuine reason, get it resolved and encourage them to go back to school and let them know the consequences of being school dropout:


Consequences of dropping out:


The recent technological advancement has fueled the requirement for a highly skilled labor force, converting a high school education into a minimum requirement for entry into the labor market or into higher institutions.


Due to the fact that high school completion has become a fundamental prerequisite for many entry-level jobs, as well as higher education globally, the financial consequences of leaving high school without a diploma certificate are severe.


Earnings Potential

On the average, school drop-outs are most likely to be unemployed than high school graduates and to earn a lesser amount of money when they ultimately get work. Employed dropouts in a variety of studies have been reported as working at unskilled jobs or at low-paying service occupations offering minute prospect for increasing mobility.


Dropping out, consecutively, causes other derivative and circumlocutory problems:


Public Assistance

Secondary school dropouts are also more likely to request for civic assistance than secondary school graduates who do not go on to the college of Education, University or other institutions of higher learning. In fact, a global research showed that dropouts comprise nearly half of the people within the family who depend on welfare for a living. Unfortunately, there is nothing like welfare for such person in Nigeria. If he or she is unable to secure a job or a work, he will be going begging or starve to death.


Single Parents

This increased dependence on public support is probably due, at least in part, to the fact that young women who drop out of school are more likely to have children at younger ages and more likely to be single parents than high school graduates. This will in turn put them into a secondary social problem and trauma as single parents in Nigeria have a lot of social trauma to bear and cope with.



The individual nervous tensions and disappointments connected to dropping out have social implications as well: dropouts make up an uneven percentage of the nations’ prisons and death row inmates. This is due to the fact that dropping out of school could lead them into anti social behaviors like, stealing, armed robbery, sexual promiscuity, drug addicts, over drunkenness, smoke addicts etc.


Once you have explained all this to your child, get him to reflect, ponder and think of the best option for him. If he’d better move into the college or university than return back to the same school, get options for him like home schooling etc and the end of which he could switch from there to the university or to the college. Many have made it this way and are doing pretty well in their university or college education.