Understanding Dyslexia in Special Needs Children in Nigeria

Understanding Dyslexia in Nigeria

A lot of research has been done to find out the causes of dyslexia: a learning disability. An in all time a definite cause has not been found but dyslexia can be manage. It is however, a fact that dyslexia is inherited and a little more common in men than women.


Evidence from scan results shows that dyslexic patients do not activate the left side of their brain which is responsible for language acquisition and maintenance. Their brain engages less in areas that match letters with sounds. It is like a malfunction in the development of sensory nerves which ought to happen at the foetal stage, experts have not agreed on the results that dyslexia comes from the malfunction of the brain.


Parents of Dyslexic Conditions

Though dyslexia makes your child’s life very uncomfortable, it is not something to be ashamed of, in time past it has been proven that students with dyslexia have special gifts and can exhibit great potential. In today’s world, literacy is very important, so dyslexia is a very inconvenient challenge. If you have to talk to your child about it make sure there is a balance.


If after diagnosis, your child has dyslexic condition and needs extra tutoring and training, you will need to carefully explain it to your child especially if the tuition will take the child outside the normal educational setting.


You have to let your child know that dyslexia is not something to be ashamed of, it will not limit his or her achievement and there is available help.


Tell him that he will have to work harder than others to learn and that dyslexia is the reason he has difficulty learning in school.


Be prepare to talk to your child about it regularly, it will take time for him to absorb what dyslexia is. Do not hide the results of the diagnosis from the child, let him know a lot of other kids have it too and there are a lot of successful famous people with dyslexia like:


Famous People with Dyslexia

To help your child or student handle and accept his learning disability better, share with him this list of famous people with dyslexia. The list is gotten from press reports and interviews where the following confirmed been dyslexic.


  • Leonardo da Vinci, Tom Cruise – Actor, Cher – pop star, Tommy Hilfiger – designer, Pablo Picasso – Artist, Muhammad Ali – Boxer, Henry ford – Ford motors, Albert Einstein – Mathematician,  Thomas Edison – Inventor of light bulb and so much more.

Dyslexia is not a limitation to who a child can be.


Managing Dyslexia

Whatever the origins of dyslexia or its causes, the base of it is that, children with dyslexia learn differently. If the educational system does not make allowance for such difficulties, the students may not be able to learn at all.


The students who have dyslexia find it difficult to read, write, spell or handle arithmetic. Some are of mild support and require little assistance while others may be severe and need intense care and support. It however, does not mean they cannot learn or are dumb. It just means they learn under different environment than the normal school setting.  Early detection and intervention is necessary to help children with dyslexia reach their full potential.


Early diagnosis of the disability not only detects the difficulty but also helps the physician understand the individual’s learning profile. When this diagnosis is complete, the tutor can create a comprehensive lesson scheme and plan that suits the individual’s level of dyslexia.  All teaching strategies should be tailored towards the individual’s need.


It has been proven that using sensory channels to teach is very effective and produces good results, the multi sensory method works when used on:

Visual lessons such as: seeing, colours and diagrams

Auditory lessons such as: listening skills

Kinaesthetic lessons such as: action, movement and touch.


The above are not the only channels that can be used to help dyslexic individuals learn effectively. Dyslexic patients today have received a lot of help from technological advancement as there are now aids available worldwide to help dyslexic patients learn easily and faster. The aids vary to suit different levels of dyslexia.


Dyslexia is a lifelong condition. It does not go away but with the right support and aid an individual can learn to manage their difficulty in learning, reading and working.


Are you into special education or are you a parent with a dyslexic kid, we will like to hear how you teach and cope with dyslexic kid.


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