Sending Your Child to a Boarding School in Nigeria, is it Good or Bad?

Sending Your Child to a Boarding School in Nigeria

Going to a boarding school is not an easy decision. The child will need to adjust to a whole new environment, new rules and new guardians. The child will be separated from the family and also the financial cost is another factor to consider, it is really worth it? Sending your child to a boarding school, couldn’t you still get the same learning experience in a private or public school that your child goes from home? Is your child matured enough to handle the separation and loneliness in boarding school in Nigeria? Can you afford to let all this happen to your child just because of a good education? Well these are the questions that probe the mind of parents who are considering sending their child to a boarding school in Nigeria and we will try to look at a few pros and cons to help you decide.

Before you make the big decision you need to weigh other possible options such as attention paid to students, nearness or farness from home, facilities, extracurricular activities, and teachers’ qualification.

TEACHERS QUALIFICATIONS: majority of boarding school teachers have a higher degree and experience than most local and public schools.

ATTENTION PAID TO STUDENTS: most boarding schools have smaller class size about a maximum of 30 students so the teacher can pay attention to student’s individual differences much more than public schools.

FACILITIES: boarding schools have more modern and standardised facilities than public and private school, example updated library and sporting facilities.

COMPETITIVE; students in boarding schools in Nigeria are more competitive and challenging as there are taught to ask ‘why’ and discover answers for themselves.

SUBJECTS AND COURSES: most boarding schools have broader subjects range and have a lot of vocational courses that students can do at will to sharpen other skills aside the basic subjects.

MENTORING: mentoring and counselling is taken more seriously in boarding schools and the department are made up of well trained counsellors that can identify and correct certain traits in students.

If you are not still convinced with the best possible choose to make, I will suggest you read this post first before you continue.

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From researches you make while trying to decide whether to send your child to a boarding school or not, you will find that most boarding schools in Nigeria are quite unique and standard, it takes learning beyond the classroom and imbibe in kids a sense of responsibility and orderliness. Students have to make choices for themselves on how to manage their time, though the school environment has well-structured rules to help students but the bulkier decision lies with them.

It’s like an adventure, a risk, your child either becomes responsible learn new good things or becomes wild and learn new bad things. It’s always exciting for kids who love change but quite challenging for kids who have always been sheltered.

Your child will get a chance to make new friends, chose the friends he wants and form intense relationship which will help them in later life. They will have the opportunity of learning different personalities and how to manage them.

If you have fears you could consider building confidence in your child and trusting their sense of judgement.

Cons of Sending Your Child to a Boarding School


Your child will definitely be bullied and you won’t know about it, so you should consider giving tips on self-confidence and how to deal with bullies.

Loss of belongings

Definitely every boarding parent has to replace one lost item or the other every term, sometimes newbies will come home empty handed.

I and all my siblings attended boarding school and replacements were definite. To help mark all items with paint and sew in their initials to all clothing materials, this won’t stop it from getting lost but will help in recovery.


Teachers and guardians often exploit students, sometime its senior student so do pick a teacher and hand over your child to that person. Your child can easily report any case to the teacher and if others know your child has a guardian they will stay clear.


Most parents and schools might not like to talk about but it happens for sure and I speak from experience. Seniors may abuse younger ones, male teachers may, male students may or your child may fall out of love with some boy and start misbehaving. To help get a guardian as above, teach your child on sexuality especially a girl and let them know the dangers of such.

We share different experiences and in a large part, our previous experiences indirectly or directly influence or shape some of the decisions we make today. But whatever is the case, making a sound and balance decision about whether or not to send you child to a boarding school in Nigeria can determine what your kid can become tomorrow.

Do you have a kid right now in any boarding school in Nigeria or did you pass through a boarding school in Nigeria? If you have experience any one of these, is it a decision you are happy about and are you willing to repeat it again if opportunity warrants or you regret your actions. Kindly share your thoughts.