Nurturing Core Values In Children

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Nurturing Core Values In Children

It is strongly believed that every child needs to understand certain core values to enable them accept and survive in the complex world in which they live in.


Certain values act as key factors in shaping the personality and future of a person from childhood to adulthood. Values are linked to our social, emotional and personal behavior. This is why core values should be taught from the very foundation of life.


A person’s behavior can be strongly linked to the values he or she  acquired either through nurture or nature, and this affects how he or she perceives the world.


We need to prepare our children to approach life from a broader perspective which gives them that holistic feature of who they are in the global world.


Children need to grow up through learning to balance every aspect of their life in such a way that it benefits them first, others and the world in general.


Some of the core values we need to imbibe in our children to help them grow to be confident, independent, self-sustaining and beneficial beings include but are not limited to the following


1. How to appreciate others.


2. Respect for rules, regulations and guiding policies.


3. Tolerance


4. Friendship


5. Determination; believing in one self and abilities


6. Impact of positive behavior


7. Importance of cultural values and family life


8. Building relationships within the family and outside the family


9. Encourage children to do self-reflection


10. Talk about the negative influences that can affect the child’s personal life and the world in general


11. Talk about the importance of trust in every aspect of life


12. Talk about the values of honesty, responsibility and reality


13. Do not shy away from sensitive issues, rather discuss them truthfully but with applied wisdom


Finally, if every parent and adult can  use the above tools to support their children’s development and learning, most of our children will grow up to be objective, responsible, caring, respectful, honest, tolerant and successful adults.


They will be able to face challenges without fear and will always seek to resolve issues, and not compound them.



Patricia Osobase (B.ED, MILR, MA) is a highly proficient and supportive educationist. Her main goal is to ensure that every child and individual she comes in contact with is able to achieve their maximum potential. Presently, she is one of the pioneer parent trainers for the new government programme called CAN Parenting.

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