Nigerian Parents in diaspora: What will make you send your children back to Nigeria?

Nigerian Parents in diaspora

Nigerian Parents in diaspora: What will make you send your children back to Nigeria?

I have had the discussion early this week with a close friend who is thinking about sending his children back to Nigeria from abroad for education and also get to understand and see life in different perspectives.


All his kids were born abroad. They have little or no knowledge about Africa in general or Nigerian culture and lifestyle. This topic generated some kind of debate among my friends and we all  hold similar or completely different opinion about sending children back to Nigeria from abroad.


One of my friends, called it total wickedness because in his own thinking he argued why should a parent deprived his or her children all the essential things of life most developed world have? Not just that, but sending your children to Nigeria is directing exposing them to many dangers.


After all said and done, I decided to write this article and use the opportunity to understand what other people think about this issue. This is not a battle of wit or trying to impose your opinion on others. When we understand that circumstances and conditions are not same for all of us, it also help us to understand that different external factors that come into play when we make life changing decisions in our lives.


From what we discussed, I was able to gather some of the reasons why some Nigerian parent abroad might opt to send their children to Nigeria study and live for sometime. So let start. By the time you get to the end of this post you might be in much better position to offer your own opinion about this topic.


Acting up / Bad gang

The wish of every parent is to raise their kids in the ways of the Lord. They dream, hope, work and sacrifice in other to see their children become good people, good citizen and above all, live an exemplary and uplifting life. This is not also the case.


It is hard to argue what  some parents have done wrong but some children can start misbehaving against the wish of their parents and society at large. The most contributing factor to some ill behaviours among teens is associating or being part of a gang in school or in their neighbourhood.


We live in a world where everyday that passes by it seems as if our schools are becoming unsafe. Children are being bullied by others while rival student gangs engage in brutal attacks that sometime cost a young life. Although this is not peculiar with a particular country or society but there are some places that the prevalence are so high and there is always a risk factor raising your children there.


In most developed country, parents are not allow to hit or even punish their kids when they are naughty. Without some form of punishment at homes to serve as a checkmate, some parents are incapacitated when they feel like their words are not enough to change the situation. The best option is to send their children back to Nigeria where they will be well dealt with and beside child will be cut-off with their gang members.


Learning culture and language

Learning about your culture, people and language gives some kind of special sense of belonging. Most people do not want to train they children completely with western culture and ways of life so they have the opinion that it is in the interest of their children to learn and understand more about their culture or their parents culture.


When you look at it in a more analytical sense, it implies that there is good in every culture. So incorporating the good things about Nigeria culture, traditions and lifestyle in your child upbringing will definitely come good for the child.


But the  question now is; if this reason is enough for some parent to base their decision about sending their children to Nigeria to study and live for sometime without them being around.


Saving cost

This might be different from different Nigerian parents living abroad. If you live in a country with some form of social system of government, this will not be an issue for you since the system has a way of taking care of the basic needs of its citizens.


But in a capitalist country where as a parent you will pay for visually anything as regards to child upbring, it becomes a bit difficult especially when there is serious financial constraints. A better alternative for some parents is rather than paying through their nose for their children’s’ education, they might decide to save cost (study grants and student loan) by sending their children to Nigeria where the cost of education is considerable low when compare to most developed country.


As I said, these is some few points I can make out of this topic, I will like to hear your take on this .


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