Must Have Facilities for Every Good Boarding School in Nigeria

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Good Boarding School Facilities in Nigeria

A boarding school is a school where kids can live and learn at the same time under the supervision and guidance of their teachers and matrons.

So its like two in one ‘school and home’ combined to impact the child’s education and growth, as an administrator of a boarding school you are not just charged with developing their intellectual skills but also their relationship and responsibility skills.

Boarding facilities needed will therefore cover what is important in a home and what is important in a school, the homey facilities keeps them comfortable like their homes and the learning facilities does its job too and there are:

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Homey Facilities


Kids should not have to miss their home bed so much or they’ll want to go back. So a good, comfortable bed that fits each child’s size and height is a must have. Kids sleeping habits vary; some like me roll around a lot and might fall down if there are no side protectors attached to the beds. Identify such kids and give them appropriate beds.


This is where all the eating happens and food’s importance cannot be over emphasised. Get a clean, spacious attractive refectory for your school. Kids won’t miss the dining at home and others will love it more than their homes.


Get a menu that will cover all varieties. These kids come from different background and meals speciality, so to satisfy all you will need a general menu; which is what everyone eats like rice and special menu like sushi for Asian, Amala for western Nigerians etc. Children should have access to clean water. Parents always look out for these.

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The hostel environment should be clean and secured. Keep grasses away to avoid reptiles like snakes, if you will keep real flower, ensure to fumigate regularly. Your buildings should aid easy moving up and down for younger kids, disabled and less injury prone.


If my child will be sleeping at your house and you leave your doors open, I will think twice. Let all hostels be securely built, employ matrons and patrons in the entrance and exits of all school buildings. If school is wide enough get patrol guards for night and day.

Must Have Learning Facilities

LIBRARY:  a boarding school must have a well updated library with learning as well as leisure books. It should be accessible to students and not too far from classrooms and hostels.

CLASSROOM: classrooms are most important that is where the primary objective is achieved. The classrooms should be well lighted, ventilated and structured to avoid distraction from moving vehicles and passersby.

CLINIC: every boarding school must have a clinic that has well experienced paediatricians and nurses. Drugs for common illnesses like cold, cough and injuries like sprains, boils, wounds should be always available. The clinic must have an ambulance to quickly take severe cases to the hospital.

SPORTS ARENA: train their head and body too. A boarding school must have all basic common sporting facilities like football, tennis, long jump, etc employ well trained athlete as teachers and trainers.

TEACHERS/ADMINISTRATORS/COUNSELLORS: are all very important in a boarding school, they are not facilities but must have personnel. They should be experienced, qualified and good with kids.


For parents to pick your school you need all the above and more in your school. Parents who are considering sending their child to a boarding school might need some hints to pick the best school that will give your child an all round growth and development.

One important thing is do not just believe what some school advert on their website or what they told you over the phone. It is advisable that you pay any of the school you are considering for your kid a visit and have a tour around the school and see for yourself.

It will also help you in drawing down your decision on which school meets your needs on it comes to boarding school facilities.

If you were able to resolve this issues before for you kid, we will like to know how you get to the final decision and the choice you made.