How to Help Your Child Do Better At School in Nigeria

Help Your Child Do Better At School

Parents are faced with so many responsibilities daily some of which are needs, others are wants but of all this responsibilities they hold, their children are of the most importance and requires more attention than any other.

Every parent works so their children can have a better life which includes a sound education, but they sometimes fail to realise that apart from paying the school fees, buying the books and uniform they also have a part to play in how sound their children’s education will be.

Some parents who have come to realise this overtime have search for ways to help their child do better at school which is what we will be discussing in this article.

Some parents have genuine reasons for not doing their job; others look for reasons such as

‘I get back from work so late; I can hardly keep my eyes open let alone look at books with my children’. That’s what I pay the teacher to do!

My child is so dull and not interested in doing homework, I am tired of trying.

Well, I guess my child is just naturally dull.

Parents say a lot of things, but children are naturally inquisitive and born learners. If they could learn how to speak, understand and communicate by just watching their parents at the early ages of 1- 3 years. Of course, they can learn anything now they are older!

Ways to Help Your Child Do Better At School



As a parent any support you give your child, they will see as the best. When you do not encourage and support your child especially when they are making efforts they will see themselves as unworthy and perform poorly in school. Let them feel good about themselves, let them know you love them no matter what and would love them more if they perform well in school. Cheer them when it’s good and encourage them when it’s not so good. That is enough motivation to help them do better at school.


Do not say things like ‘no everyone has the head for maths’ or making them feel good about failing a subject. When you give them excuses to fail they will feel they cannot handle it, sometimes parents says such things to make a failing child feel better, but instead of saying ‘ you did your best, it’s not just in you and I love you that way’ or blaming the teacher try saying ‘yes you did your best, but you can do more because you have it in you’ that will make the child believe he has the ability in him that he needs to discover by working harder at school.


It’s one thing to make rules and another to stick to it, most parents make rules such as ‘make sure your homework is done before bed’ but they turn around and tell the child, I know you are tired, go sleep and do it tomorrow that rule has been broken and homework done in a hurry cannot be done well. Set a specific quiet time every day for his or her homework and all homework must be completed at that time. Set study duration for each subject, giving extra time to English and Mathematics.


As much as you are so tired to get done with the homework especially if your child is below 10 and you have to help him, avoid reading out answers to them and do not let them read out answers either. E.g. if your child was asked

1 + 1 =

Do not be the student by just telling him the answer, even if he knows the answer is 2, let him prove to you he knows how it became 2. Most kids just memorize answers and do not know how it was gotten.


When it’s time for homework or study time, be excited about it, do not make it boring or they will already be saying no before you even start. If your child is not motivated in school give them treats like ice-cream, watching cartoon for 2 hours if they do their homework and do it well. That should spike up their excitement. When your child comes home with a lot of good remarks in school take him out for a nice treat, do not treat a child with poor grades.

Listen carefully when your child complains about school work and help him analyse his difficulties.

Make your home, learning friendly; get him more books, writing materials, crayons than cars and teddies. Let everything around him motivate him to write, colour and read.

Ensure to answer all questions your child might have, no matter how silly. If you ignore his questions he will stop asking and stop learning even at school.

Always go over homework to ensure its complete and correct, homework contribute to their overall term performance in school, the higher their homework score, the better their overall grade.

Buy them children learning DVDs and play it regularly. In summary, let all fun things at home be learning things. Toys, DVDs, musicals, books etc let it all be about learning.

Know your child’s teachers, friends, and school and let your child know you are close to his teachers that will keep him at alert. Notify the teachers of any setback like illness, the death of a close relative, if the child lost a friend etc.

If all the above does not help your child do better at school. Take him for a test to see if he has any kind of learning disorder or physical disability.

If your child finds it difficult to concentrate on one thing at a time at home and school

Repeatedly doing bad in a certain subject

Is always disrupting class, fighting and truancy

Complains no one likes him

You know he can do it, but he just does not

Cannot see the board clearly

He speaks it but cannot write it

Poor handwriting

Or you feel something is wrong see a specialist for further professional assistance.