How Nigerian Parents Should Get Involved In Early Literacy of Their Children


The days when parents have time to sit down with their children, play with them, tell them stories, read rhymes for them etc. is gradually facing out in Nigeria as more and more family becomes engrossed into different types of works to make ends meet. Also as nowadays, a woman has to work as well as her husband which were not there in olden days, children are left to the care of house-helps and nannies and therefore have less or no quality time with their parents.


Parents must guard against this. There should be balance in whatever they are doing and they ought to ensure that they don’t rob Peter to pay Paul. They should never sacrifice the time that supposed to be for them and their family for work or other unnecessary things out there.


There is no doubt that if we don’t head to this call now, it would sooner or later backfire. The parents will then not be the only one that will bear and suffer the consequences but the children and the society at large. If we want our children to be better and more responsible citizens that the family and the country will be proud about in the future, we must start now.


We must let the first be the first and let the last be the last. We must work hard at inculcating in our children good values that will lead them throughout their life. The Bible said, train up a child in the way he or she should go and when he or she grows, he would not depart from it. If the parents start from early childhood stage of their children to get involved in their children’s learning and academic pursuit, the knowledge they acquire will see them through life and we will be proud that we did our very best.


For this reason, it is highly essential that parents should be more concerned in early literacy acquirement of their children by spending time to read with them, carve up stories, rehearse rhymes, jingles, poetry, and so on.


Parents should make out time to look at their children assignment and home works when they come back from school starting from their pre-nursery school stage. The usefulness of getting involved in the early literacy of a child can never be overemphasized.


It is however to be greatly regretted that instead of Nigerian parents getting more involved in their children’s early literacy , children are left to the ‘ill-fated’ television and videos and films. Though some of these are good for the children a lot of times, these also lead children into learn social ills they wouldn’t have were there not those technological appliances.


If you must let your children watch television, videos and films, remember you have access to parental control ,chose what you would want your children to watch and get it configured in your television. Again, you should make a time table for your children and ensure you carve out time they ought to be committing to their studies and time they could watch the television and the like and so on.


A research was conducted on the influence of early literacy on science achievement of Junior Secondary School students. The result gotten from the study by (BD Oludipe) proved that


Out of the 360 parents involved in this study, only about 20.8% were highly involved in their children’s early literacy acquisition; parental involvement in literacy acquisition of boys was more than that of girls, though this difference was not significant; a positive relationship between parental involvement in early literacy acquisition and students’ science achievement was found and, parental involvement in children’s early literacy acquisition predicted only 0.280 (28%) of the variation of achievement in science (R2 = 0.280) and a positive but weak (r =0.183) significant relationship between parents’ educational attainment and their involvement in literacy acquisition of their children was also found”.


From the result, we could as well see the rate of involvement of the parents in their children’s early literacy is dependent on the education literacy of the parents themselves. Parents who are opportune to have educational training and attainment should endeavor to get involved in their children’s early literacy programmes.


Parents who aren’t educated should be offered the option of adult education by the government to ensure the overall development of parents and children in our changing and advancing match to meet up with the rest of the world.


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