How Much Educational Freedom Should Your Child Have

The Extent of Educational Freedom for Your Kids

When it comes to freedom, 21st century kids have abundant freedom so much that it interferes with their education. Parents often ponder on the liberties they should give their children when it relates to their educational success.

The school itself is not left out as it also suffers setbacks due to this liberties modern day kids have.

In certain situation, it might be very difficult for most parents to know where to set the boundaries and limits on what their kids are required to do or not in term of educational freedom.

Be it as it may, finding a good balance will not only help your kids focus on their studies but also help them produce excellent and rewarding grades.


  • Do not let your secondary or even primary school children take mobile phones, cameras, mp3s, and iPods to school.
  • Helping your children skip homework and classes
  • Do not take your child’s side against the teacher when your child is wrong.
  • Letting your teenage child chose a school.
  • Assuming your child is always doing their homework

As a parent, you may probably love your children above all things but when that love centres on just making them happy without institutionalizing decency and morals it may have a resounding effect to your kids.


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How much educational freedom should a child have? This is a very important decision every reasonable parent should consider. Your social status, wealth, accomplishments should not shelter your child more than necessary or you may end up causing more damage to you child.

Out of 10 rich kids, 5 perform averagely, 4 do poorly and 1 does excellently in school grades while out of 10 poor kid, 4 do poorly and 6 excellently.

The percentage of rich children that perform outstandingly in academics cannot match up to the percentage of kids from less privileged homes, and the question is, WHY? Rich kids have better school, facilities, tutors, library name it. It is not as if they are dull or have low learning abilities, but can be linked to the amount of privileges and freedom they get from their parents when it comes to school.

Let’s compare such freedoms and see how it affects their academics.


A child from a less privileged home surely cannot afford electronic gadgets so it is not a problem with them but a child who plays PS1, 2, 3 or even 4 and also has an iphone, ipad, camera etc. These are source of distraction at home; the kid would prefer to play games than read or rather chat on Facebook than study. At school it is worse because he distracts other kids too. I heard of a case where a teacher was slapped and arrested by a parent for collecting his child’s mobile phone and from the story the child was using it in class and was distracting the teacher, students and himself. How can such a child come out with excellent grade, some kids manage to get their average grades through cheating or external help.


For the less privileged kids, it is not exactly a freedom but a necessity as most kids are able to pay their school tuition through the items they sell after school. Their families do not have enough financial resources to fully support their education needs but this always leave us with a question to many parents.

Let me ask, what if your child is sick and you had to pay the hospital bills, will he still hawk?

Some kids even enjoy doing this and encourage it. But as a parent who desires the best education for your kid, I will confidently tell you that this decision is affecting your child’s grade and performance in school because he has no time to read.

If that child is taking 5th position while hawking then trust me he will come to first if he doesn’t have to hawk.


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Some parents will say don’t ever scold my child and I will like to say to such parent ‘why not home school your child? Teachers are professionally trained to handle kids. They know much better about child psychology than you do and can see what you can’t see in your child.

Your child is a kid and so should not have so much rights of his or her own; it will make the child to ignore certain rules and look down on teacher.


If you make your home in such a way that it is okay for your kids to skip homework, they will become reluctant about doing their homework whenever they are at home.

Your child needs to do his homework to avoid the teacher’s wrath. This goes beyond what the teacher expected from your kid. The implication of jumping over your homework will certainly leave the kid with less knowledge and poor grade than classmate.

You are not doing your child a favour by encouraging him or her to ignore homework. Knowing and being part of what your kid is doing in school plus exercises and homework that should be done will help imbibe in them the spirit and love for education and learning.

You have to understand that teachers might say to students if you don’t do this, I’ll do that to you, it doesn’t really mean they would do that, it’s just a way to make the kids obey. So stop helping your kids avoid homework and classes. Don’t always assume their homework is done, make out time and check.

My child is always right

Over pampered kids get away with this, parents chose to believe their kids more than the teacher, now I’m not saying teachers’ don’t lie or they can’t be wrong. All I am saying is try to listen to the teacher’s side and stop humiliating teachers before your kids.

A child cannot learn from a teacher he does not respect, likewise a teacher can not teach a child who disrespects him at least not as he should.

Pick a School

You can let your overgrown adult child pick a university but for secondary and primary schools, before you say yes to their choice find out why they choose the school in the first place, is it for the right reasons or for the wrong reasons?

Some of the things we see as love may be the reason behind your child’s poor performance in school. So check the amount of freedom you give them and ensure it does not affect their education. If it does and you want them to succeed in life, you must set limitations.

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