How Mothers of Special Needs Children Can Cope with their Kids in Nigeria

Mothers of Special Needs Children in Nigeria

In Nigeria, less is known about people with special needs in Nigeria and little or nothing has been put in place to help people with disability or special needs in Nigeria. It can be very hard and extremely challenging for families that have a child with special needs.


Before we continue with the main top, I will like to let you understand what special needs is all about?


Special needs is a term coiled to emphases clinical diagnosis  for children who need support for disabilities. The assistance can be medical, behavioral, developmental, learning, and mental health. Some of the disorder associated with special needs kids are ADHD, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Autism, Down syndrome, dyslexia, blindness, or cystic fibrosis, cancer and heart defects, muscular dystrophy.


I was born in a family where 2 of my sisters and a brother was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia. SCA is a serious disorder in which the body makes sickle-shaped red blood cells . Part of its symptoms are chronic (long-term) pain or fatigue. People with this illness are always off and on in hospital and needs special care to help them manage the disorder.


My entire family was courageous and we did all we could, facing sickle cell crisis day in day out, begin  admitted in the hospital every now and then. Thinking about what the future or life in general holds for your brother and sisters and seeing the people your love so much wallowing in pain everyday of their life is disheartening.


It is challenging and hard to cope with and I know that many families in Nigeria are going through or almost similar condition. I have seen and felt the kind of love that bonds mothers with their kind and I have seen what my mom has gone through as a care giver to my brother and sisters.


Even when the disabilities are not the same, Mothers of special needs children always share many things in common. The future for their kids is not always clear, challenges people with special needs face in our society,  acceptance level, getting appropriate care, accommodation and schooling.


Understand that different disability has it is own peculiar needs, some might not be less severe while others might be chronic and live threatening.


Coping with children with special needs in Nigeria is even more difficult compare to developed world but as a mother, there is always going to be the feeling of despair and negativity. In most case if it is  not well handled, it can lead to frustration, depression and in worst case divorce .


As a mother, do not engulf yourself with negative feelings and pity. Do not waste your energy thinking about what you could have done different. Channel your energy and focus on getting the therapy and support your special needs kid wants.


In the open street, there willing be name calling, gestures and lack of acceptance for your disabled kid, but you should work yourself up and pay no attention to what ignorant and lazy people do think about your kid. The challenges your are facing is enough to keep you focus. Reach out to others families that are facing the same challenges  or join a community of families that understand your situation and also have a child with disability.


Your child is a special blessing and a child’s disability is what makes the child unique and special.


If you have a child with special needs in Nigeria, Feel free to share with others the challenges your are facing and how you are coping with it. Also let us know how the whole experience has made you a better person.