Effect of Food on Your Child’s Academic Performance

It is claimed that kids perform lower in test and assessment after they eat fast food meals like chips and burgers up to three times a week. The research shows that over 5000 children in primary school showed the same results when their parents’ income, race and their weight is put into account. They went further to disclose that students’ score in numeral and literacy drops over 10%. This study came as a result of the concern of Childs’ health in Britain.


It is a fact that every one of three children is overweight and there has been a serious concern from consumer groups to stop the commercials on high calories food on television. In some countries like Britain sale of high calorie foods has been banned from been sold at school canteens, instead of helping but it has led to a drop in the number of kids that eat at school. In a recent study in the United States it was suggested that schools would have done better job at reducing child obesity if it made the children aware of the effect of their eating habits on their academic performances.


Proof from America on Food and Child’s Academics

The Vanderbilt University in Tennessee followed up the eating habits of children between the ages of 9 – 11 and compared it with their scores in maths and reading test. In the results, it was discovered that half of the kids had eaten from one fast food or the other at least three times in the past week. 2 in every 10 had eaten for fast food restaurants up to six times a week while a small 2% go to a restaurant up to four times daily.


In the total results, the children scored between 58 and 181 in literacy with an average of 141.5. but after looking into the fast food factor, it was discovered that those who ate fast food 4- 6 times weekly scored 7 below average, those taking snacks went 16 points down the average and the students who dined 3 times a days went as far as 19 below average.


Same thing happened also in mathematics, the study was carried out by Dr Kerri Tobin and he said they have found a significant relationship between higher take out foods and lower test performance. She suggested that it would be possible hat the food served at restaurants increases that tendency to perform poorly in school

This however, is not the first of this research, so if you are a kind of eat out mom, try to figure out how you can reduce your child’s intake of calories and reduce the number of times you eat out. You could cut it down to once in two weeks and they would be just fine. The amount of time you save eating at a fast food may not really worth your child’s academic performance. Think about it and do something because they can lose two ways; either they become obese with low self esteem or they become dull in school and still develop low self worth.


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